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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Murdered to Moksha- A novel by Ketki Borgaonkar and Rohit Shetty

Murdered To Moksha, is a journey of a murder case and the people linked
with it.
“Wife’s Murderer or a Victim of fate”. This headline flooded the news
channels. A 35 yr old guy killing his wife at City Hospital and then trying
to jump off
the terrace of the same building. A selfish, ruthless murderer who took
away a 10 yr old girls mother and then attempted a suicide. why?

Financial problems?…NO.

Disputes with wife?…NO.

Mentally unstable?…NO.

Then, WHY?

Only person had an answer to this question. He, himself.

His silence even at the court sessions added to the twists of the case. He
said nothing in his defense neither hired a lawyer. He seemed heartless,
cold blooded killer, a murderer, a maniac, mentally unstable to the world.
Every medium spoke bad for him but no one really cared to know the reason
why he killed his wife.
He was a Murderer until ………

To know more about the release dater and other details stay connected by
liking the Facebook Page.

Link to which is

*About the Authors*
Ketki Borgaonkar a BMM Graduate currently working at an Event Management
Company based in Mumbai as a Marketing Executive. This is her first novel
with Rohit Shetty who is an author of 5 Poetry books and a National Record
Holder for his work towards Literary is currently heading his family
business based in Mumbai.

This fiction based novel deals with one of the most controversial topics
which exists in this real world.
To know more stay connected with Murdered to Moksha to be published by
First Step Publishing
For more details do drop in a mail to

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Bankster By Ravi Subramanian

Title:  The Bankster
Author:  Ravi Subramanian
Date:  2012
Publisher:   Rupa Publications India.
Number of Pages: 364
Price: Rs. 250

This book review is a part of BlogAddas book review program. I would like to begin with thanking BlogAdda for selecting my blog amongst the only 10 blogs selected to review this book and their patience for the review which was delayed due to my ill health. My sincere apologies to them and the author Ravi Subramanian for the same. Also thanks to the author again who expressed his interest in getting his book review to be done by me and was willing to send a copy. Luckily it was the same day Blogadda sent me the selection email. 

This is the first book i read written by Ravi Subramaniam, but as I turned the first page and saw the list of books he has authored so far and i must say his choice of titles is excellent, gripping and I then made up my mind to read all of his books. Certainly when I finished reading this one, the urge to read the others is now more pronounced.  Now coming to this book, The Bankster, is a tale which is not only a good story but also written methodically and is well structured. Its a neat book and once one starts reading you easily understand the flow and enjoy the flow. Three stories an exchange of weapons by an under cover CIA agent, a protest against an upcoming powerplant TNPP by an old man Krishna Menon as a promise to his dying son  along with politics around and a banGreater Boston Global Bank (GB2) run independently. The first plot is that of arms exchange and that certainly grips the reader whose minds curious horses are ready to run. However till the middle of the story most part is consumed in building the story that does slow the pace of the suspense involved but is interesting enough to grip the reader. 

Then goes on life in the bank with characters like HR manager, them hiring employees, some favouritism, some politics, as one would expect. However there begins a series of murders, at unexpected locations, beginning with first of an RM Parneesh, followed by two more which involves the banks best RM. The third murder sets in motion Karan Punjabi who was previously working with GB2 but then shifted to a news channel. He is sharp, dynamic and a friend of the character that gets murdered. He along with a team comprising of security team of the bank is the task force which would unravel the murder mystery. Side by side Krishna Menon plans a huge rally with people to protest against the TNPP nuclear plant along with his friend Jayakumar who brings with him money, power and politics into this movement. Menon is happy as his single leader low scale movement now is noticed by people and gets the needed enthusiasm and scale. However, one of the guest scientists at the movement from Germany gets arrested! Further it is discovered he is Jayakumar's ally. This unravels different motives of his friend and Menon is forced to part ways as his principles are being compromised. Also it opens up a fact that there are countries that donot want the 3 billion dollar invested by the government in TNPP to bear its fruits.

Karan Punjabi's investigation leads him to the false accounts and suspicious transactions through GB2. Will he be able to unravel and find who all are involved or like the others who knew too much get killed too. Will  Krishna Menon fulfill his promise to his dying son? How are these stories and murders linked? These questions keep you going till the end.

Positives:  The story is good, well structured and written. Language is simple and the author has outlined each character very well, which is a difficult job in a multi character story. The three plots move as expected and the flow is good. An important thing to acknowledge is that the story is minutely detailed about banking world and its workings. 

Negatives:  The first chapter of the story is very interesting and one feels the thrill however later on till the middle of the story the suspense quotient falls, nevertheless those parts are interesting enough to keep the reader going. However there was a scope for it to be more thrilling. The ending was a little predictable and its a little milder than hard core thriller.

The Verdict!!!  An enjoyable recommended read. Three stars out of five from The Readers Cosmos.

About the AuthorRavi Subramanian: an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dharini and daughter Anusha. In 2008, he won the Golden Quill Readers Choice award for his debut novel, If God was a Banker. 

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Post 25: Giveaway 2: Winners of the contest : Interact with Author Rishi Vohra

The Readers cosmos thanks all the participants, the success of our events are due to the active participation and enthusiam of our readers.

For the contest "Interact with the Author of Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai -Rishi Vohra" we have chosen the following winners. 

Kaushal Mahesh GuptaWhen you write do you write for a group of niche readers? Does the story change depending upon readers?

Suhail MathurHi Rishi, wishing you all the best for your book. My question is that the first time I read your book's title, I was immediately reminded of the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. I am sure you too would have realized the similarity when you decided to go ahead with the title. So, I wanted to know as to what was the dilemma you were going through? Did you feel that naming the book as such would help in arising curiosity levels due to the success of the film or had something else in mind? 

Suyog Vijay Ikhankar - What Messege You Want To Give To Youngster & All The Other People Via This Book.

Komal Jhangle - I wanted to ask, what was the hardest thing you came across while writing this book, and from where did you get inspiration to give the story a bollywood touch? :-)

Vignesh RamaswamyI have a question, its been like a trend which is happening, many people are getting into writing books and to be frank , very few books are good, i.e. which follow a standard, while others are just substandard, what have you got to say about this trend? how can u justify that your book will be a different experience?

Congratulations to all the winners. You will receive an author signed copy of this novel soon! Please email your complete mailing address and phone number to .

For the ones who havent won dont be disappointed we will have another contest soon...keep reading! keep interacting and keep with updates from us.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Post 24: Book Review 18: Love You Forever Only In That Way By Saurabh Dudeja

Title:  Love You Forever Only In That Way
Author:  Saurabh Dudeja
Date:  2012
Publisher:   Good Times Books
Price: Rs. 106

I thank Saurabh Dudeja, the author of this book for sending me a copy of the same for a review.

Snapshot:  A story of a carefree dude turning into the lane of love, not by choice but unfavoured by luck. A story of love, loss and self realization that you can relate to.

The Strory:  The story revolves around Sid who is a cool dude, in search of true love, fearing it a little and therefore someone you can relate to. He however was unsuccessful in having a long lasting relationship with any of his girlfriends, ultimately leaving him in pain after every break up. College,exams, friends and especially a new girlfriend keep his life going and his quest for true love alive. However after his breakup with one of the sexiest high maintainence girls Shikha he starts randomly chatting with a girl on facebook named Avni. She had been depressed, and her status messages melts Sid's heart who decides to talk and cheer her up. Their chats become regular and he finds himself do sweet and stupid things to keep her happy. She meanwhile also has another chat friend named Rohit, whom Sid also befriends online. 

Avni is a delhi-ite and fortunately or unfortunately even Sid get his internship in Delhi. They meet in that duration and Sid is confident that its love from his side. Her emotions also show that she loves him deeply. All is well with little highs and lows and love getting strenghted along untill one day suddenly out of the blue Avni tells him that she got accidently comitted to Rohit. She expects him to understand that she loved him but only in that way and hence the title. However his heart breaks and he goes far away from her, giving Rohit a warning to keep Avni happy, that being his only motive in love. Now days pass by with friends and work but Sid sulks in his sadness. The world for him seems painted in his blues until he meets Richa. 

Richa brings colour to his days, bringing back the sweet, romantic feeling. However, as luck would have had it, Avni calls him apologizing on the same day as he and Richa were to go on a first date. Now Sid is confused. Avni and Rohit have broken up. So will Sid now go for Avni for whom his heart never stopped beating, but at the same time she is someone who didnt love him? Or he will choose Richa the brightness of his life? Will his decisions be right ahead. To read more grab a copy of the book.

The Verdict!!!

Negatives: The writing style is casual with a lot of slangs that spoils the essence, needs a lot of improvement. Some parts in the book is not needed and seems the author has rambled. 

Positives: The story  and characters are realistic and one can relate to them. 

Final Statement:  A light read. 

About the Author
Saurabh Dudeja graduated in Computer Science from ICFAI University in 2011, and is currently working with a leading General Insurance Company in India. Besides an exuberant blogger and free-time guitarist, he has been a college level dancer-cum-choreographer and table-tennis player. He loves playing squash and is a bowling freak. He has been to almost every place in India which made him understand human behaviour to its depth. Cooking is the thing he hates the most as he feels The way to mans heart is through his stomach. If he will cook, then who will Love. He is staunch supporter of his own favourite quote This life is not what we have, it is what we believe in.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post 23: Book Review 17: Hexagon By Ishaan Lalit

Title:  Hexagon
Author:  Ishaan Lalit

Date:  2012

Publisher:   Mahaveer Publishers
Price: Rs. 125

When I read that Ishaan Lalit, a young Indian author has written a science fiction, was very happy has it is my favourite Genre of books, and especially that an Indian had ventured into this area. I thank Ishaan for sending a copy immediately. He surely has a long way to go.

Snapshot:  It’s the first part of a a Science fiction tri-series. The earth is made of six worlds accessible through the Hexagon. A scientist on earth discovers this secret but unfortunately dies. However he leaves a message. What follows thereafter, the discovery of the hexagon and what worlds lie beyond the other 
five doors is a mystery that unravels along the story.

The Story: Kamal Oberoi, a scientist is successful in making contact with Solanos, the most respected of all the earthians. However on meeting them they demand for someone who is much younger. However he has soon a heart attack and just manages to write that he had made contact and he needs his grandson Rahul. The earth we know here is referred to as Prakrita. The Hexagon is the connecting point like a gateway to various worlds. So Rahul Oberoi, the grandson is called to this secret research lab station. Rahul is a thief and is accompanied by his girlfriend Ria.

Now, Rahul enters this world which is all new as he discovers that this world is not the only one on Earth which has five more. Prakrita, or the world is the only one he is aware of, however there are Earthians called Moths, belonging to Mothula who want to rule the entire world. They had captured an earth called Asila and ruined it. There subsequent target is the other worlds. Rahul’s grandfather had suspected that Prakrita was already infiltrated with moths therefore he never trusted anyone on his research station which is also the location of Hexagon. So his death leaves many questions and Rahul is set out to answer them.

He is taken to Myandra by Aneesh, his grandfathers student. It is another world which is next on the Moths destruction list. Aneesh’s father is the emperor and he therefore belongs there. He explains him about the concept of different worlds and the characteristics and ambitions of the moth. He believes as Aneesh was chosen by the Solanos to contact he will be the leader to change the course of the game and save the earths.
Rahul therefore should meet the high priest in Asila, guarded by the moths and after his advice taken to Mothula. On the other side Ria discovers that the moths have infiltrated the research unit, with some trustworthy people she tries to figure out and destroy the traitors. Meanwhile the Moths plan to blast a weapon in Prakrita that is powerful enough to blast the earth from its core and bring the earth completely in their control.
What would happen next? Will Rahul really be “the chosen warrior”? Are the Solanos really Goda or Highly evolved, genetically engineered powerful human forms? What will happen when Rahul meets the Solanos? Who will save the planet?
Read the first book Hexagon, of this sci-fi tri-series to find out more.

The Verdict!!!
Negatives: The way of writing is a little dull, there are spelling, typing and formatting errors clearly depicting poor editing. However the story is strong to hold the reader therefore compensating for these. A request to whosoever designed the cover page to do justice to the sequels, and not ruin appeal as the book deserves to have.
Positives: As mentioned before the story line is very strong. Concept and plots are fresh and original. You will surely love to read it.

About the Author:
Ishaan Lalit
 is a Gemmologist, Pilot and Adventurer from a multi-cultural background. He is an avid traveller and observer of human behaviour. He lives in Delhi NCR along with his family and his three dogs. His first book 'The Bracelet' got good reviews by HT City and Pioneer but he was not content with that, hence he is all set to redefine Indian Sci-Fi with Hexagon.

 Grab a copy today!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Post 22: Book Review 16: One and A Half Wife by Meghna Pant

Title:  One & A Half Wife

Author:  Meghna Pant

Date:  2012

Publisher:   Westland Publication
Price: Rs. 250

I would like to begin by thanking the author Meghna Pant for sending a copy for review immediately. The title “One and A Half Wife” kept me wondering what the story would be about? Once a few pages into the book, I felt so related to the story being an Indian girl that I read it in one go.

SNAPSHOT: A story of an Indian girl, who tries to live by the norms of the society. However life and luck do not favor her and she faces hardships like the ones one hears and never imagines would happen to one when taken away from her motherland, in marriage etc. It’s the story of the realization and transformations that she goes through to emerge as survivor.

The Story: Amara Malhotra, is a simple Indian girl living a simple life in Shimla. Her parents too are simple. The story begins with her mother, who being traditional asking a fortune teller with a parrot “When will my Amara get married?” the answer to which is “She would be One and A Half Wife” and hence the title of the story is justified and the writers prepares grounds to keep the reader interested and hold the book for a couple of hours more into the journey that begins.

The family especially Amara’s mother referred to as Biji, like most Indian mothers considers that her daughter will have a better future in America or rather Amreeka. So with the help of her brother living there and thirteen years of patience and prayers they finally get a green card and go there. Amara being someone who was not born and brought up there, and being educated in only girls school, find it difficult to adjust, make friends and most of all talk to guys. Her cousins , Tina and Riya who on the other hand being born and brought up there do not consider Amara as one of them. Her efforts to impress Riya, be friendly with her (as they were when her uncle’s family had come to Shimla) and entry in her group of friends fail. Thus she ends up being humiliated and lonely. However, she understands all her parent’s efforts are for her and therefore excels in academics.  She becomes an accountant and starts an organization McKarma, with Stacy to help people like them who have come from other countries adapt faster and better to America.

Then one day as they host Tina’s birthday party, more of a groom finding party for Riya, the mother of the most eligible and well to do bachelor who is the target for Priya and her family, Prashant, takes a liking for Amara. The families get them married in a span of three weeks with hardly any time for communication between them. Everyone is happy, except for Prashant who seems distant. Prashant is a character of a typical Indian male in America, who externally tries to be all branded and has expectations of a wife that he can show off to the world, but wears stuff from sale to wear at home. He initially has a liking for Riya, but marries Amara upon his mother’s insistence. The reason behind Amara being a choice for her mother in law is she is simple, Indian and doesn’t have many American friends. So Amara tries to change herself into someone like Riya, so that her husband will love her. She works for McKarma from home, secretly, doesn’t invite her friend’s home, doesn’t play old hindi songs she loves, everything that Prashant may not like. These things fail to impress Prashant, who says though he did try, he couldn’t love her. Shortly after her sole companion, his mom, passes away, Prashant asks for a “divorce” and there her world comes crashing down.
She has no other option but to return to her parents, who do not understand her or the situation. No amount of reasoning works with Prashant and hence she is, as she feels then doomed to divorce.

Finding all the dreams shattered in a foreign land they returned to India, only to find landing up here in an age when the country is becoming more Americanized.  Will Amara find her life back again in the same streets she spent her childhood in? Will she be able to hold on till the tide has passed? What changes will make her survive to this slowly but surely changing society? Will she finally find love in her life.

The Verdict:
Positive:  Story is well told, language is good and flow is beautiful. No un-necessary detailing and one enjoys the journey. Every tide and ebb is depicted in the right proportion. The authors and editors are to be complemented for the same. Characters and plots are set brilliantly, the depiction of a divorced lady in the beginning to define changes in human nature with time is beautiful. The title moreover is very well suited. Lastly, the ending is beautiful, positive and carries a strong message.

Negative: None

Final Statement: A must read story, especially for every Indian woman, and for every individual as in those low times when every word may fail, this story will give you hope to sail through. Its worth buying right now!

 About the Author:

A financial journalist by day and a writer by night, Meghna Pant is the editor of a business magazine. She has formerly worked as a TV anchor for NDTV Profit and Bloomberg-UTV. Her short stories have been published in over a dozen literary magazines, across four countries.

An avid traveller, Meghna Pant has stayed in various cities around the world, from Mumbai and Singapore to Zurich and New York City. She is currently based in Dubai.

One and a Half Wife - Meghna’s debut novel - has been long listed for the Cinnamon Press Novel Writing Award, selected as a top ten finalists in Word Hustler’s Literary Storm Novel Contest, and made it to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

 Grab A Copy Now!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post 21: Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

For the twenty four years of his life, these are some of the words "they" have used to describe Babloo. He knows his family agrees with "them" and he senses that he is different. He doesn't hate people; he just cannot find the right way to connect with anyone, be it his parents, his arrogant upwardly-mobile younger brother or the bad boys from the Railway Colony who use him purely for entertainment value. Vandana is the only exception. She is the connecting thread to the kind of world he wants to live in. But how can he find a place for himself in her world? What can he do to make himself worthy of her?
Trying not to lose himself in the chaotic fast pace of Mumbai, Babloo finds simple pleasures in small things; walking on the Carter Road promenade, being in the middle of the swirling sea of commuters at Churchgate station; watching mindless erotic films in the dark, forgotten confines of adult theatres where he does not have to struggle to understand plots; following the seemingly endless railway tracks that scar the grimy, concrete encased city. A random twist of fate along these familiar train tracks brings Babloo face to face with the harsh reality of escalating crime in the local trains of Mumbai, and shakes him out of his apathy.
This mass fiction follows Babloo's fascinating, heart rending journey that begins in the twisted, choked lanes of Mumbai and leads him into an open space where he can finally exhale, be born again!



Darkness returned my sleepy gaze. And the stillness that serves as a prelude to the morning was like a familiar friend waiting to greet me. My name is Balwant Srivastav, my friends call me Babloo. But even the name Babloo sounds alien to my ears since I dont really have friends. Very few people know me. And contrary to the ways of the world, I am happy being unknown. The fewer people one knows, the less complicated the rollercoaster of life is. But somehow my simple life did get complicated. I didn't plan it. It just happened. Destiny took some surprise turns, which rendered me a stranger to my own life.
'They' said that I had psychiatric problems. That I was autistic. 'They' said that I was schizophrenic and psychotic. That I had a split personality disorder. 'They' said that I had no social skills and all my conversations were disjointed. 'They' said so many other things that I eventually stopped paying attention. By the way, 'they' also said I had Attention Deficit Disorder. But these so called experts who had the upper hand – 'they' didn't really know me.

My pride doesn't prevent me from admitting to my shortcomings. I admit that I'm a little slow in my responses. It is a fact that most of the time, I have nothing to offer to a conversation. But little do 'they' know that I understand everything.

However, no one ever understands me. And when that happens, one feels all alone in the world. Yes, I do feel alone but not lonely. There's a difference.

Nature was generous enough to give me a best friend within myself. Sometimes 'he' answered me, at other times, 'he' asked me questions and provided me with clarity of thought. In situations that demanded it, 'he' helped me recognize my inner strength and manifest it into physical force.
No one understood the dual existence of 'him' and me that made me the person I am. Only the railway tracks that ran along outside my bedroom window knew the both of us individually. The endless, idle wooden planks connected by durable steel had formed a fine segregation between my fantasy and reality.
I lie awake while my mind races and thoughts overlap each other, putting me in a state of confusion. My restless mind starts pulling me in different directions as I recall the uneventful chain of non-events that are my life and piece them together one by one. Soon I surrender to blissful sleep.

About the Author

Rishi Vohra recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law (World Wildlife Fund – New Delhi), prior to which he had a successful career in the Indian Entertainment Industry. He has worked as an Assistant Director with Filmmakers Sohail Khan and Shimit Amin, and independently directed music videos, television shows, live stage shows and film award events.  His other academic qualifications include a B.S. degree in Finance with a minor in Multi-Ethnic Film/Theatre from Arizona State University and an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Film from Scottsdale Community College.

After featuring as a guest columnist for various newspapers in India, he currently writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). 'Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai' is his first novel.