Saturday, August 18, 2012

Post1: My Cosmos....

Hi I am Nimi Vashi. This blog is a reflection of my thoughts, the matrix of my mind......the words that flow out of the milkyway of my cosmos.

Writing is a form of expression that is very satisfying. It amazed me always that, those very words that always clutter the mind form a beautiful poetry of life as they emerge out of the tip of the pen. How beautifully they expressed feelings and since then when i write i feel so much at peace. It can be as i am a very expressive person......

I would be writing about everything in this universe i love to read....books, short stories, articles that had an impact on me. I especially want to write about books, especially the popular science category as there have been a lot of students who have asked me about what actually should they read and i firmly believe that reading these category of books makes one understand and love science more than the boring manner in which it is taught in the class.

For the Non Science people there is going to be a whole lot of other books that i read to keep myself sane...(i am a PhD student i have to try hard for it :P).

Hope you have a great time , each time you are in my cosmos :).

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  1. Good! Looking forward to seeing some interesting stuff!