Monday, August 20, 2012

Post 3: Book Review 2: Survival Of the Sickest By Dr. Sharon Moalem

Survival Of the Sickest By Dr. Sharon Moalem

All the science enthusiasts.... when we see diseases around we question: Why do they happen? How to cure it? But have you ever thought If evolution 
was everything that made sense in science "WHY ARE THERE DISEASES AT ALL???"

This book is actually answers that very question for diseases of all kinds right from genetic to pathogen based. It also answers how these got into us into the first place and why evolution that shapes us towards a higher or biologically speaking more robust system couldnt de-select or remove these. A great read to understand how selection works and how we can help ourselves understanding everything (afterall brain development is a sign of higher life form!!! It consumes most of your energy too!). In one line a must read for science enthusiasts and for students of science the moment you feel your medical microbiology textbooks are boring, pick this book and you would love the subject like never before.

A personal note: I am studying host-pathogen interactions in my doctoral research now, i always wanted to cure diseases but this book gave me a lot of curiosity, interest and motivation other than that! 

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