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Friday, September 28, 2012

Post 11: Book Review 9: By Loosing You I found How Much I Needed You By Dr. Rachit Bhushan

I would like to begin bt thanking Dr, Rachit Bhushan, the author of this book to send it for a review on a single request and no reminders!!! That's what i like about doctors. I being a PhD student in Biological Sciences my self was happy to find him being in medicine and having a similar interest in literature and writing, therefore i was drawn to read and write about this book. Though the reason behind him writing the book is much above what i presumed as "interest" i loved it for the positive effect it had.

Away from love stories where people cry , crib and just publicize about loosing someone they love this is really a very fresh, different perspective and really welcome the change. It is the story of Rachit recalling a time when love entered his life. As the author says its a life story and not about love, it does have glimpses of his childhood till the current date. Like any individual Rachit an innocent, average, yound lad finshes school with average marks and enters medical school- first year M.B.B.S in Nepal. He is shy and innocent but being at a place away from ones country and introduced to situations of the world like "Ragging" learns the lessons and grooms himself. He is a learner with life as his teacher. He decides that he would "not let anyone be smarter than him" [My personal favourite attitude :)]. He grooms himself according to situations , people and emerges out as someone smart and the one you want to be friends with. He starts having many female friends and options he could explore but love is special. While still being innocent at heart he believes strongly in finding "his kind of girl" someday. 
This is the story when social media just started pickinup with yahoo messenger and orkut. His first relationship like many in that age, fascinated by internet starts online and diminishes with time as frequencies dont match and eventually the internet excitement isnt enough to be the propellent. Around the same time he becomes friends with a girl he couldnt resist admiring, at his elder sisters wedding. They chat regularly and he admits about his existing long distance. She becomes his only and constant support in his 'break-up" days. He develops feelings for her and is clear, but she still confused. However one day she has a realization and proposes to her. He asks for a commitment as he is "once beaten twice shy" and she does commit. Then starts the happiest phase of Rachits life where each day they spend anytime they find chatting. They get more close, care for everything, do pleasant things for each other and love grows. There are minor ups and downs with questions like their families accepting their relationship, them being unsettles in their careers, no time due to exams, family responsibilities etc. She supports him in every way and so does he. They are sure to be spouses and need each other in every moment. Till one day she suddenly leaves him! why did she do so? Was it family pressure? What were all those promises together???

Positives:  Not a typical lost and found love stories. No cribbing but instead the story brings out Rachits character from a normal boy to a mature and responsible individual. The message "One must learn not to give up but fight each day as the gift of life is rare and one must live it fully" is for every individual as M.S.Dhoni says on the cover page.

Negatives: The grammatical errors could have been corrected. The story appears jumbled, the flow could have been much better. But the message it brings out is much above these petty issues.

The Verdict:  A must read for every individual. Grab a copy today.

About The Author: 

Meet a young doctor from Ranchi who writes much more than prescriptions.Rachit Bhushan , the alumnus of St Thomas School who completed his MBBS and now works at the cardiac surgery unit of Ranchi’s Apollo Hospital, is already popular in cyberspace for By Losing You I Found How Much I Needed You, a young man’s take on campus love and career blues. He has a fan following in 21 countries and 150 cities, thanks to the phenomenal reach of the internet.Rachit claimed his book is “not another Mills & Boon imitation”. “It’s a life story, not love story and every human can relate to it in some or the other way” He asserted.“The girl in the story was once a part of my life.” The novel is a true story that has already created havoc in minds of readers not only in India but across the globe. The doctor turned writer has been felicitated by Indian Medical Association for his book and his novel also is recommended by the cricketing maestro Mr.M.S.Dhoni.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post 10: Book Review 8: I loved A Street Woman by Nitin Vinay Khare

First of all i thank the author personally delivering the copy. I personally believe that cover page is one of the most crucial part of any book and this one did  make me pick it up.

The Theme : The story in is about Captain Aviral and his search for true love after multiple setbacks first in life and then in love. When he finds his true love in the dark, abandoned streets will he be able to accept it himself???

The Story: Truly as i said the cover makes you just grab it and read, so i started the very day i received it. The story takes you places beginning from the battle field where Captain Aviral is shot but survives. As battle brings one on the border, the border of life and death, the battle is won both ways but with a price, his leg! He is a lively character and having seen death so closely he cheerfully begins again, as his childhood friend and secret love Yashika is on his side. He sets up a travel business in which she is by his side all the time and once that is smooth one day finally proposes her. They get intimate and confess about their love, however luck is again not on his side! The very same day he discovers from her laptop left in his office, her chat with a man which shows they shared an intimate relationship and Yashika considered Aviral "not fit" as a life partner. She chooses someone physically fit and economically settled.  He never questions her when she lies that it was her parents decision not hers, just lets her go. Aviral surely is hit hard and gets himself busy with work and alcohol. The author now dwells into beautiful explaination of how dynamics of a relationship work in the modern world. Next he beautifully prepares a ground for the next part of story to begin as a words of wisdom from his trainer in the army life.

So Aviral is now in his business routine and one day a mysterious woman "Umrao" enters his office as a customer. The fact that being a Muslim she specifically chooses the Hindu pilgrimage destinations confuses him and gets him more interested into knowing her. As curiosity takes over him, he decides to be her driver for the journey planned and they set out. The most beautiful part of the story thus begins. The book takes you across Agra, Allahad, Haridwar, Hrishikesh and Delhi. Umrao is a cheerful, full of life and spontaneous character, with a deep knowledge of History and Religion (both Hinduism and Islam). She beautifully explains the significance of each place they visit which makes the reading more interesting. Their love grows along with their journey as she finally manages to break the walls he had set for himself. They get intimate and he acknowledges that he had fallen inlove again. But till this point she is a mystery to the reader. When the journey ends he finds out that she belongs a brothel.......Will he really acknowledge his love in the light of this information or think otherwise? Why was she so mysterious afterall? Will finally love come to him? To know that grab a copy!

The Review: 
 Positive Points:  Well written, good background and reader does enjoy the journey and is kept guessing till the end " Who Umrao Is?" I also loved the authors analysis on life and understanding dynamics of relationships in the 21st century, he is perfectly right there! The fact that he prepares a ground about human mindset right in the beginning towards issues like prostitution as a lesson from "the experienced" in Avirals past life is excellent. 

Negative Points:  The exit of Yashika could have been more defined. The places they travel to could have been explained in better detail with reference of small place. The mystery of Umrao should have unfolded step by step. Its difficult to accept an army man not knowing who he is in love with. That would have brought the character of Aviral to be more balanced then confused.

Final Statement: Worth a read, grab your copy today!

About The Author: Nitin Vinay Khare belongs to a beautiful sleepy town of Panna, nearby world heritage site Khajuraho,famous for its tiger reserve, waterfalls and diamond mines. A Sainik School alumnus and a post graduate in management, he prefers to live an anonymous and nomadic life in search of creative inspirations for his stories, poetry and paintings. He regularly pens down his blogs upon vibrant social issues. He also runs a mural studio De Murals. Past several years, he has been writing series of novels; the first published work of them is I loved a street woman.

Buy it from Flipkart:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post 9: The Much Awaited Book Launch of "The Krishna Key" By Ashwin Sanghi in New Delhi.

Finally the city has an author "Meet and Greet" session with Ashwin Sanghi, at Landmark book stores in Vasantkunj, New Delhi, one of the favourites of its young book lovers. Its no surprise after all as his last booK  "Chanakya's Chant" was truly a good book and i love and recommend it to everyone i come accross. Here is my crisp review on the same Ashwin Sanghi has so far written three books in all with first one being "The Rosabal Line" which he wrote by the name of Shawn Haigins (yes! he is a fan of anagrams like Dan Brown some of whose books inspire Sanghvi). Have you not guessed it yet from the coverpage of his latest booK? well it just doent end there,a few chapters within bear the "Da Vinci code" flavour but when asKed the author said it just ended in the beginning and then the 'Ashwin Sanghi flavour" continues throughout the booK. 
The session was more of a one to one discussion session with about 25-30 people attending the event including fans (like me ofcourse!), media, aspiring authors looking for inspiration and tips etc. The audience being from various backgrounds asked all kinds of question and Ashwin surely had a tough time answering some of them but i bet he enjoyed them all and gave them his utmost attention and adequate time.
 The discussion began with popular beliefs like levitation, the belief in the avatars of "Krishna" "the scientific superstar higs boson particle" which Sanghvi feels that us as a human race have been too much in the outer world and do not retrospect within ourselves. Some of the poplular questions with Ashwin sanghi's thoughts on them are.....

Q. Is there a KalaKi Avataar already there???
Ashwin: It might be already out there (there may be thousands of avatars) but we arent able to recognize.

Q. If the above is true, do u thinK it is because the more we know the more skeptic we are and people in that era were simple and believed in these things?
Ashwin: People now-a-days do not introspect much and therefore donot have a sense of realization that people in the earlier days had through tapasya or the process of going inwards. (Adding a personal example he also said) Attention span has reduced and my attention span itself is less, that is why perhaps even my writing has multiple but small chapters. 

Q. How much time did you take to write this book?
Ashwin: 8-9 months of just research but some of the ideas in there are 7-8 years old which i since having a blackberry put it on an email id i simply use for my thoughts! And i am surely not going to give away the password (says he humourously)

Q. what do you think as more people write about mythical or legendary characters not truly doing justice to them with poor language? since most of the readers are youth, in your opinion how should the quality standards be maintained in these category especially as we deal with young minds (guess who asked this question :P)???
Aswin: Its the editors job and agreed that its not done well as margin in this business is less. However i feel as the youth realizes the quality of books by getting into more and more better books as they read they will start avoing the "bad" themselves and this trend and business will die down.
               [On the other hand he also appreciated The Immortals of Meluha and said it makes youth more relate to Shiva ( I highly disagree...Shiva has bben the bholenath always and just becuse people never read about him means we love him only because of this book!!!)]

Q.How much was "The Krishna Key" personal?
Ashwin: It isnt personal, none of my booKs are. even in Chanakyas Chant, i wasnt writing about Chanakya but i wrote about the parallels of politics in that era and modern day.

Note: All the content on this page is the perception of mine, i apologise if anything is inappropriate due to my misunderstanding.

Would love to hear from everyone at


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 8: Book Review 7: The Fortune Hunters By Aslam Rahaman

Are you looking for a book that’s romance but realistic; something you can relate to, not bollywood drama; simple but well written……grab this one!


As the title hints, it is the story of a man in search of true love across boundaries of religion……
The story is about Amir, a normal Muslim boy. As he begins his search for true love, like every youngster,  just wishes he finds it round the at corner of the street, as is mostly the case begins with rambling. He genuinely falls in love with his college friend’s sister. He feels lucky to have found someone who not only shares his religion but also his thoughts. However destiny has something difficult in store for him!
There are some incidents where the lead character seems confused and the reader doubts his pursuit.  However as the lead actress takes over everything gets settled (for the reader) except Amirs life , as she is Ragini- a Hindu. Will they dare to make this love as a reality? In the heart of Lucknow, where religion is stauch will their hearts find what they need? Will they choose love or religion? Will Amir finally get to be with someone he searched for his entire life?
The best part I liked about it was that the story was simple, no melodrama, no bollywood movie type setup or un-necessary usage of words. The simple, realistic style story narrated perfectly in complementing uncomplicated but good language (which now–a–days is rare) that doesn’t disappoint the reader.
In short after a long time a realistic, refreshing, crisp love story across boundaries ……..a good read.