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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post 15: Book Review 12: Left from Dhakeshwari By Kunal Sen

First of all I would say the book cover draws you towards picking it up. Surely as you read the first page you feel it conveyed exactly the kind of emotions within.

SNAPSHOT: Its a collection of nine short stories, mostly sad, depicting deep human emotions and relationships that follow one till the end. 

The Book:  There are nine stories, depicting real life characters and emotions. Tragedy, love and loss of people, place and overall a a depiction of human emotions and their evolution is being addressed through them. The stories are sent in background of bengal, so the characters and especially their love for reading and poetry is reflected.  The stories will imbibe you into them, make you think really hard about relationships, emotions and life. The best part is that the stories are written in the form of a play which you feel it before your eyes as you read.

There is a son's quest for his mother in a story followed by another part where they are seen together at peace, but whether its a dream or after death is left open-ended to the readers imagination. There is a story where people find love despite imperfections and loss in earlier relationships which has a message to get through anything as light awaits one, sometimes at far end of a tunnel. A striking story where an assitant director within himself deeply loves a supporting actress but unfortunately circumstances prevent him from doing her role a justice. He however finds her much later and life and the the turn of events then are deeply touching. A love story of a girl with a deep scar on her face to a mime artist whose deep wounded scars remin unravelled, will they remain hidden in love? Does love win or the fear of showing your weaker side? These emotions keep you thinking for a longtime after reading each story. 

If you are thinking about just a casual short story read this is not the type. Its deep, requires time and some stories being interconnected its advisable to read the chapters in order.

The Verdict!!!
Negatives: None (this is the first time I have all good things to write about and i am proud that its an Indian i am writing about!)

Positives:  The language is good. Writing style is snapshot view into an ongoing frame and from there the stories continue. Charcters are simple (to relate to) and realistic. Stories worth to ponder upon. Kunal Sen surely has a long way to go.

Final Statement:  A must must read!

About The Author: Kunal Sen is an independent filmmaker and playwright. An investment manager by profession, he has acted in and directed films, written screenplays, poetry, prose and critiques for over four years for several leading publications. His other interests include travelling, painting and reading.

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