Friday, October 5, 2012

Post 12: Book Review 10: The Fork and Spoon of Life by Ankrish Khanna

I would want to begin by congratulating the author Ankrish Khanna to have realised his dream to write and live the same at souch a young age. I think its an achievement and you surely have a long way to go Ankrish.

The refreshing look of the coverpage and the name that tells you it is something about every life made me pick up this book. Best part! it is truly about what you can expect from such a title, a mix of human emotions and sentiments as a young boy Jai enters college life as love and friends, the kind he never had before happen to him.    Lets have a ride across Jai's life.

As Jai enters college life brings with it the air of freedom. Life is no longer boring strict school time and he is all eager to welcome the change. He is a kind person who cares for everyone around. He finds great friends in Mahi, Vrinda and Devansh, and relationships he longed to have with Devansh's Brother. Life is routine with them attending lectures, partying when possible and studying at exam time. Their friendship grows gradually and life is beautifuul always whatever may happen as friends are always by his side. However for one of them (ofcourse the girls) he feels more than friendship. That is when love happens to him. The most beautiful feeling that makes him more lively and cheerful. The girl is Mahi. But unfortunately life doesnt give you everything. The day he is to propose her on their college trip to Paris, at one of the most perfect location for lovers in the world, Devansh tells her of his relationship with Mahi since past six moths! He is shattered and heartbroken. He stays there lion hearted but how long will he bear it? Will relationships now be the same? On the other side Vrinda proposes him. He is now in a web of emotions. What would he do? To enjoy this beautiful story of friendship, love and relationships pick up a copy.

Positives:  Its a cool novel, a complete breather in the heap of books that talk endlessly about love and loss. I loved the fact that it has the right proportion of friendship, relationships and love. In that sense its realistic as life is a blend and not a single flavour.

Negatives:  There are typing errors!!! Not agood sign. Also there are many places where things could have been more crisper. In short the editing lacks effort. However one should read it for a fresh story.

The Verdict: Read it for a balanced story especially teenagers!

About the Author
Ankrish is a student at Modern School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. "The Fork & Spoon Of Life" is his attempt to compete his passion for story telling judging the value of emotions between friendship & wealth.

He is a travel freak, loves to watch drama  and interact with new people.
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