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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post 23: Book Review 17: Hexagon By Ishaan Lalit

Title:  Hexagon
Author:  Ishaan Lalit

Date:  2012

Publisher:   Mahaveer Publishers
Price: Rs. 125

When I read that Ishaan Lalit, a young Indian author has written a science fiction, was very happy has it is my favourite Genre of books, and especially that an Indian had ventured into this area. I thank Ishaan for sending a copy immediately. He surely has a long way to go.

Snapshot:  It’s the first part of a a Science fiction tri-series. The earth is made of six worlds accessible through the Hexagon. A scientist on earth discovers this secret but unfortunately dies. However he leaves a message. What follows thereafter, the discovery of the hexagon and what worlds lie beyond the other 
five doors is a mystery that unravels along the story.

The Story: Kamal Oberoi, a scientist is successful in making contact with Solanos, the most respected of all the earthians. However on meeting them they demand for someone who is much younger. However he has soon a heart attack and just manages to write that he had made contact and he needs his grandson Rahul. The earth we know here is referred to as Prakrita. The Hexagon is the connecting point like a gateway to various worlds. So Rahul Oberoi, the grandson is called to this secret research lab station. Rahul is a thief and is accompanied by his girlfriend Ria.

Now, Rahul enters this world which is all new as he discovers that this world is not the only one on Earth which has five more. Prakrita, or the world is the only one he is aware of, however there are Earthians called Moths, belonging to Mothula who want to rule the entire world. They had captured an earth called Asila and ruined it. There subsequent target is the other worlds. Rahul’s grandfather had suspected that Prakrita was already infiltrated with moths therefore he never trusted anyone on his research station which is also the location of Hexagon. So his death leaves many questions and Rahul is set out to answer them.

He is taken to Myandra by Aneesh, his grandfathers student. It is another world which is next on the Moths destruction list. Aneesh’s father is the emperor and he therefore belongs there. He explains him about the concept of different worlds and the characteristics and ambitions of the moth. He believes as Aneesh was chosen by the Solanos to contact he will be the leader to change the course of the game and save the earths.
Rahul therefore should meet the high priest in Asila, guarded by the moths and after his advice taken to Mothula. On the other side Ria discovers that the moths have infiltrated the research unit, with some trustworthy people she tries to figure out and destroy the traitors. Meanwhile the Moths plan to blast a weapon in Prakrita that is powerful enough to blast the earth from its core and bring the earth completely in their control.
What would happen next? Will Rahul really be “the chosen warrior”? Are the Solanos really Goda or Highly evolved, genetically engineered powerful human forms? What will happen when Rahul meets the Solanos? Who will save the planet?
Read the first book Hexagon, of this sci-fi tri-series to find out more.

The Verdict!!!
Negatives: The way of writing is a little dull, there are spelling, typing and formatting errors clearly depicting poor editing. However the story is strong to hold the reader therefore compensating for these. A request to whosoever designed the cover page to do justice to the sequels, and not ruin appeal as the book deserves to have.
Positives: As mentioned before the story line is very strong. Concept and plots are fresh and original. You will surely love to read it.

About the Author:
Ishaan Lalit
 is a Gemmologist, Pilot and Adventurer from a multi-cultural background. He is an avid traveller and observer of human behaviour. He lives in Delhi NCR along with his family and his three dogs. His first book 'The Bracelet' got good reviews by HT City and Pioneer but he was not content with that, hence he is all set to redefine Indian Sci-Fi with Hexagon.

 Grab a copy today!!!


  1. It only happens once in a long while that we authors actually get encouraged by an unbiased review of a reviewer who not only appreciates the book but also points out flaws in it. Thank you for being a clear voice amongst hundreds of biased, muddled underwater screams.

    Amazing review, thank you Nimi.

  2. Thanx a lot Ishaan. Unbiased reviews are hardly appreciated.