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Monday, March 4, 2013

Bakers Dozen by Prakash Gowda

Title: Bakers Dozen 
Author:  Prakash Gowda
Publisher:  Maitreya 
Genre : Literature Fiction (Short Stories)
Date:  2012
Price: Rs. 200
Pages: 156

First of all i thank the author Prakash Gowda for a copy and more for his immense patience while waiting for me to review the book.

Snapshot:  A collection of 13 short stories aptly named as Bakers Dozen, some of which are about real life people and situations and some a component of fiction, each one different from the other. Not only does the way the story turns out in the end amazes you but some concepts of fiction are so brilliantly thought and presented that you will savour every bit of the story. If you have loved the O'Henry style of writing, revealing the most unexpected twist in the end, this is certainly a book you must read.

The stories and the critics perspective:  The first story is the authors en route to  introducing the Bakers Dozen, it is gripping and stuns you, making you flip the pages till there are none left.

The stories "Three Desires One Destiny" is a collection of three stories with a common ending that you cant guess. It further strengthens your desire to read the book. While "Anonymous" is a story of three young bachelors trying to make it big in the world of art, it is not unimaginable, yet shocking with multiple twists. "The Veil" on the other hand is the story of transformation bye life of a woman, that can touch any heart. It touched me deeply. "Vande Mataram" on the other hand is the story of an Indian boy raised by a Britisher and his dilemma as he returns to India during the freedom struggle. 

"Big B &Me" is a brilliant work of imagination, simple yet a striking story in its own way. Yes it does involve Amitabh Bachchan . "I Love You" contrary to its name is a fun story of a young, smart and independent girl trying to search for that one true love. Best part is, its written in a light manner that really makes it an enjoyable read. "Neer" is the best story in my opinion, of a girl who cannot drink water, survives droughts and goes through the crests and troughs of life because of this single attribute. Its a brilliant piece of imagination. "Lallan Leader" on the other hand is a story into politics and its "dirty games". This one is predictible. "The Altruist" is a story of a writer who writes the autobiography of an underworld don cum Robin Hood figure. It s about where a mixture of his talent and nature leads him to. It is one of my favourites. "Punching bags" on the other hand is a must read for every wanna- be-entrepreneur before you want to start up, just check where you put your foot!

"Sickle &Sprouts" on the other hand is for sons of successful business families with a lesson of  "what not to do if daddy earned it hard." "The End" is again on one of my favourites list that has an out of the world concept of "what would happen if sperms were no longer efficient to fertilize an egg and women cant conceive?" "what if there are not even children to adopt?' "Where then will the world go?" Its is written as a simple story addressing these questions, and yet in a manner leaving a deep impact.

Positives: Well written, language and editing cant be better. Stories on most bizarre and varied topics, beautiful imagination at some places and simplistic yet artful presentation.

Negatives: The negative as is with all short story collections is that the author starts writing each story in a similar fashion, revealing the unknown in a similar way, that makes it predictable once you are three stories through. That effect was seen in this case too. However, the choice of a variety of topics and good imagination lessened this effect to a great extent.

The Verdict!!! Simply amazing. 4.5 stars on 5. Don't think, just grab it!

About The Author : Prakash Gowda, 32 is writer by passion and copywriter by profession. He believes that if music has seven notes writing has twenty six, and the written word can transform a person's perspective. He has been writing poetry in English since the age of ten and went on to express himself in Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu) poems and short stories.
A degree in Commerce and Hotel management landed him in jobs at plush hotels and cafes. A poem written by him and framed on the wall of a coffee shop presented him with an opportunity to freelance for newspapers, Eventually, he gave his job at the coffee shop and started working as a copywriter at a leading advertising agency in Vadodara.
Backed by a decade of experience in professional writing, he went on to pursue a course in d film-making and discovered a new medium of expression in short films, scripts, screenplays and lyrics. 'Baker's Dozen is his first book and on the anvil are more of such writings laced with profound layers and simple lyricism.

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