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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Give Away - The Weight Loss Club by Devapriya Roy

 About the Book :
 A warm, witty, gloriously realistic novel about living, loving and losing weight. 

Set in a middle-class housing colony, this is the story of stay-at-home mum Monalisa, who cannot clean the kitchen counter enough times; Meera, who is bullied constantly by her traditional mother-in-law; college-going Abeer, who isnt sure how to impress the glamorous Mandy; academic Aparajita, who has no takers on the marriage mart; philosopher Ananda, whom no one takes seriously; and Treeza, a former school secretary now sunk in gloom. Into their midst arrives Oxford-returned Sandhya: half hippie, half saadhvi, full spiritual guru. Under her aegis is formed The Weight Loss Club, throwing the lives of our heroes and heroines into utter and delightful disarray. 

But while chemistry brews and equations change, one question remains: who is Brahmacharini Sandhya, and why on earth has she moved into Nancy Housing Cooperative?

3 Author Signed copies of this book are up for a grab!!! Hurry

 All you have to do is just follow the simple steps below and thats it! In case of any queries please write it in the comments below this post.  

All the best :) :) :) 

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  1. Summary is good and looks promising.
    All the best.
    waiting for the reviews. :)

    1. Here is my review of the same

  2. Waiting to get the book...And then review...

  3. Lead a stress-free, sweets-less life and walk like you have to reach somewhere urgently and you're getting late!:)

  4. My idea to loose weight: Walk around the house with the baby in one hand and a book in the other! Great way to exercise your body and brain!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I loved 'The vague woman's handbook' by Devapriya Roy. and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

  7. What is the best way to loose weight?
    Eat smartly and hearty!

  8. Best way to LOSE weight is 'have' karwachauth-fast on weekly basis (skipping the fatty and calorific sargi in the morning and having only dinner at night!), instead of yearly! This way you can benefit in 2 ways:
    1. Lose weight fast and effectively
    2. Your spouse will love you for fasting so much for his/her health and age!

    Nothing else can beat this one ;)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. d best way is is to eat whatever you want n just walk up and down the stairs max possible time and work out ka workout bhi ho jayega

  11. Eat every 2-3 hours but healthy and exercise min 3 hours a week

  12. Hey NImi, I love the book cover, its looks so much fun :). Kudos for your good work. Keep it up!! Best wishes :)

  13. atleast this time let me win, Apollo! :P

  14. Fantastic and unique way of book promotion, Nimi. As far as the best way to lose wait is concerned, the answer is 3 fold - Firstly, take your friend named WEIGHT along with you to a new place and return without him, so that everyone asks - How Did You Manage to LOSE Weight? Secondly, wear really TIGHT clothes that hug your body and then take them off so that you LOOSE your weight. Thirdly, it is by sweating away in extreme anticipation about the final 3 winners of the contest and hoping to be one of them - So let's WEIGHT and watch!!!

  15. Wow I am a biggg follower and fan of the genre...would love to get the book and review as well :)

    Rafflecopter, hope I win :)

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