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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taken Already by Yaagneshwaran G

Title: Taken Already
Author: Yaagneshwaran G
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre:  Fiction
Date:  2013
Price: Rs.150
 Snapshot:  It is a story where two guys fall in love with the same girl but they are not aware. Before you conclude its usual stuff, no its clearly not, the surprise element at the end does entertain the reader.

The Story & The Critics Perspective:  Arjun falls in love at  first sight with a colleague Anita. Vinay his best friend since school is involved in online dating with a girl Deepali. Things progress at the same pace in their lives and they are happy. However Arjun does notice sporadic behavioral changes in Anita. Also the co-incidences in their lives now become too much to digest. Finally thunder strikes when Arjun sees Anita in Vinay engagement pictures tagged as Deepali. So who is Anita/Deepali? Why is she playing with their lives? Who does she love? Does she want something else?

Tempted? To know more read the book.

The Review:
Positives: Its short and crisp. There is no dragging and one can easily complete the story at one go. The plot is interesting though a little predictable. There are also possibilities of a sequel.
Negatives: The author needs to work on his writing style to deliver the story more emphatically. However the language is good and the author does have a lot of scope.

The Verdict: 2.5 stars on 5.
About the Author:  Yaagneshwaran is a product marketing Specialist at a reputed IT organization based out of Chennai, India. He is also an avid business blogger and conducts seminars for B-school students especially in the area of marketing. He is known for his earlier novel “The Group of Fools”. Apart from books, the author has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and spirituality.

I thank the author for a signed copy of the book.

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