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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wise Enough To Be Foolish by Gauri Jayaram

Title: Wise Enough To Be Foolish
Author: Gauri Jayaram
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House (2013)
Date:  2013
Price: Rs.225
Pages: 216

Snapshot: This is the story of the author herself right from her childhood till the time she finds what her heart really wants, the universe she fits in! She, the central character is NOT what can be described as an ideal girl and the story is about her dealings with the world who always have notions about "how a girl should be". Its a hilarious shot at life!

The Story:  The author begins her story by sketching her character as someone who is "not the ideal daughter". She always therefore had difficulty to be understood by parents and was struggling to fit in. She loved sports and played football with guys, apart from hating school. In short she was a "Tom Boy". However she did posses good looks and smart brains.

The story ranges from her first crush motivating her to study (the unattainable one of-course), the love life of her friends which were mostly guys and her struggle with her parents. The first ten pages of the book are witty and cool, they grip you with a feeling that this is the best comical satire you have ever read. Then begins the exciting college life in Mumbai where she meets very interesting men, but the best part is her focus on what she wants not just professionally but personally too. The development of judgement, the decision making, etc. The author is humorous and honest here in accepting her mistakes and gets on with the tides and ebbs of her life at a good pace. 

She gets disinterested just a few months before marrying a really good guy, then gets married with another guy and finally feels her search has just ended with finding her soul mate and then "life happens". She describes this feeling all of us have at some stage and we are soon corrected by situations by saying "I always believe that life (as in the bad things) that you hear about, being cheated upon, falling out of love etc. happen to other people, people you hear about but then soon enough it happens to you". The dream breaks and she finds out her husband cheating. She doesn't give up, she believes she still can find the love of her life. The soul searching and the travel getaways appealed to the philosophical me here.

Past this revelation the story looses its pace, charm and humor and though I wont reveal more of the story I didn't enjoy it very much. 

The Review: 
Positives:  A good story, written in a simple language with a good message. The first half is brilliant.

Negatives: Looses its charm in the later half. However, if you love reading about human thought and behavior you will enjoy this part too.

The Verdict: A delightful read. Read it for the first half, for a debutant I would say Gauri has been brilliant and honest. 3.5 stars on 5.

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I thank Jaico Publishing House for a review copy. 


  1. See, you didn't like it. I did.
    As I said earlier, to each his own. :)

    Nice and balanced review, btw.

    1. where have i said i didnt like it. Request you to please read before making quick conclusions!!!

    2. I did read the whole review Nimi.

      "Past this revelation the story looses its pace, charm and humor and though I wont reveal more of the story I didn't enjoy it very much."

      When I said, "you didn't like it" I was talking of the second half. Not the whole novel.

    3. You clearly didn't understand the review...huh! You are one of those reporters of the media who are after people chasing statements and quoting what you like instead of really understanding the meaning.

      Try it with someone else not me!