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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Contest Time!!! 4 Copies of Indian Tango by Ananda Devi

The Readers Cosmos along with Random House India 
bring to you an exciting contest!
A chance to win a copy of Indian Tango by Ananda Devi
 About Indian Tango:

To say that, in fact writing has been no more than a way of talking about the body and nothing but the body. Lost to the meaning of her life, a foreign writer arrives in Delhi seeking the wordless company of strangers. Delhi is an exploded sun, bleeding everywhere its untrammeled chaos the feral dampness of bus fumes, the suicidal rush of scooters the autorickshaw seats impregnated with thousands of odours nauseous accretions of Indias muddy human tide. The men with their stinking bidis rule as masters andthe women remain walled in by centuries of tradition. The author, infatuated by a quiet lady on the street, begins to seek the untamed and undiscovered country that lies below her sari, the delicate throbbing hidden beneath her silence. As she rediscovers her voice and the ability to write a story and as monsoon arrives, low and heavy bellied, washing away the concrete barricades of custom, a secret encounter in a music store opens up an ancient darwaza of forbidden pleasures. Bursting with sharp irreverence, Indian Tango is a story of fleshly transgression and unlikely liberation in the patriachopolis of New Delhi.

About The Contest: As in clear in the poster above, all you have to do is:

1. Share the contest poster on your wall- 20 Points. Use the #RCContest and tag us.

2. Tag your friends- 10 Points.
3. Tweet about the contest - 10 points

4. Write about India on your wall or blog or in the comments below. Anything from a sketch, poetry, story or any artwork would be considered a valid entry. Wherever you post your creation please paste the link in the comments section below - 50 Points
Multiple entries Allowed.
4 copies up for a grab! Dont miss this unique opportunity!

Contest ends at 11:59 PM on 20th December 2013.
Wish you all the best :) :) :)

Terms & Conditions: 
1. This contest is open to Indian residents only.
2. Incomplete entries withoutht the #RCContest will not be considered.
2. The decision of the judges will be final.

1 comment:

  1. “Our India is a combination of two brothers. One is modern, believes in development and other is backward. The backward brother has got paralyzed; he can’t run with the speed of his modern brother so the modern brother has forgotten him. But when the modern brother fells in trouble, he is helped by his paralyzed brother. This means that both the brothers are important because both of them comprise our great country India.”