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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 2 Agenda Aaj Tak

After the energizing Day 1 which was studded with politics, talent, music and stars of bollywood we headed to Le Meredian for another day, equally action packed as it was Hindi ka Mahamanch Agenda Aaj Tak.

The first session was Rajniti Ka Dharam Karam  with Digvijaya Singh - General Secretary, Congress and Smriti Irani, Vice-President, BJP. Singh said he was happy to know that Modi's thinking was coming closer to former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  To justify Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's controversial remarks regarding Muzzafarnagar riot victims, Singh said Gandhi was only referring to extremist thinking which, he said, cannot rule in this country. Smriti Irani countered this with her opinion that 2014 elections would be fought on the basis of issues such as inflation, corruption, etc. not religion. She also again stressed on the fact that the congress party was a one family hierarchical rule.

This was followed by another politically loaded session "Vikas Ki Rajyaniti" with Bhupinder Singh Hooda - Chief Minister, Haryana; Hemant Soren - Chief Minister, Jharkhand and- Manohar Parrikar - Chief Minister, Goa. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the Haryana government did not favour Robert Vadra in any land deal in the state.  Hemant Soren said there was a huge challenge of development in his state due to political instability. Also that constructing roads in villages was their priority. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said a fast tract court will hear the rape case against former Tehelka magazine editor Tarun Tejpal and that a woman judge would hear the case.He said there was no one below the poverty line in Goa and the state's poverty was only comparable to Western Europe.

 To lighten up the atmosphere the next session was Desi Girl -- Priyanka Chopra, she was stunning as always and did dance on her Raam leela song however, she seemed unintellectual, below expectations. Especially her view that film industry has no responsibility towards entertainment.

 As the agenda was the nation, next session bac to politics was "Lunch Panel with Youngistan"  with
R.P.N. Singh - Minister of State for Home; Anurag Thakur - MP, BJP; Jay Panda - MP, BJD; Tejashwi Yadav -Leader, RJD. Party MP and youth wing president Arurag Thakur said Modi at 63 is the real leader of country's overwhelmingly young population because he thinks and responds in a way which connects him to the youth. "Modi has recently stirred a debate on Article 370 and everybody is talking about it. Rahul Gandhi is neither seen nor heard much," he said. "... Modi understands people's problems and communicates with them all the time. That is why he is the true leader of the people," Thakur added. 

This was followed by another interesting session of "Beta Bada Naam Karega"  by Akhilesh Yadav - Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati  is now Bua ji for us rather than Behen ji.There is no Modi wave in UP. Asked about his government's 'bias' towards the minority community and the breakdown of law and order machinery in the state against the backdrop of 100 communal riots taking place last year, Akhilesh said it was a "misinformation" being spread by certain forces to create a communal divide in the state. He said after the Muzaffarnagar riots, compensation was given to both communities.

Vote Apna Mazhab Paraya, the next session is one of the most burning issues the nation faces today! This session had religious leaders Maulana Mahmood Madani and Praveen Togadia and politicians Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, Arif Mohammad Khan and Raashid Alvi. Praveen Togadia, international working president of the VHP, claimed Muslims were plotting to build an Islamic state in India.Praveen Togadia, claimed Muslims were plotting to build an Islamic state in India.

"The country is secular and there should not be any discrimination. Through Muslim vote-bank politics, like the Mughals, Hindus are being marginalised and their security is being threatened." 
Maulana Mahmood Madani said parties that claim to be secular do not make the claim with happiness but out of helplessness. "It is the people of the country that has forced these parties to become secular. That is the reality of our country," he said. He said election results are not the reality of the country. "The reality is the Indian culture of thousands of years." Arif Mohammad Khan said it is juvenile to ask if religion is a political weapon. "The country was divided on religious lines. The basic question is whether we can move according to the Constitution. There is no minority or majority in this country. The Constitution is colour blind while giving rights to people. I am no less than any Hindu. I am a citizen of India. We don't live in a tribal society where if one side kills a person of another, the entire tribe is held guilty." He said India was only country in the world 500 years ago where people were linked not with their religion but where the person was born.

Next session was wit-fully called Hum AAP Ke Hein Kaun by Anna Hazare, a man that enlightened us towards corruption and demand a Lokpal. The man who can be rightly called the Gandhi of India today. He is a very simple man, he said he never even had a bank account! He also said Arvind Kejriwal misused my name to get funds. Also that mine and his ways are different. Anna Hazare still believes that everyone cheated him and the nation, so he shall begin fasting again from 10th of December for Jan Lokpal. He believe the flame he ignited last time is still alive in the hearts of people and when ignited this time it shall achieve success. Will you support him? I surely will. 

The next session of course had to be a lighter one and it was called "Aunty Police bula legi, Yeh Party Yunhi Chalegi" for it was none other than Yo Yo Honey Singh, Rapper, Singer, Music Producer and Actor. He was bindaas and won hearts He said he worked a lot on diction as evident from his songs live loongi dance. I particularly being a Gujrati was touched by the fact that he loved the way Gujratis learnt his Punjabi rap and danced to it, during a concert and so he id a song for Gujrati's. He also said he I did  loongi dance for free. He wasnt ready to comment on Vishal an Shekhar issue, an said when they tweeted they should be questioned. He aims to bring the Grammy award to India and said he works hard for it. He sang a couple of his songs and said his songs are clean its the way people think that is bad.

Getting back on mission, the next session was Rajniti Ki Gandi Baat with Ajay Maken, General Secretary, Congress and Ravi Shankar Prasad, Deputy Leader, BJP, Rajya Sabha. Ajay Maken said media was so bad that if he followed anyone from opposition they would make a scandal out of it. The whole debate was around the kind of language that was used in politics. I just wondered what was the bigger problem? The nation or you abusing each other? And if that was the case then where are they considering the problems of the nation? It was just who said what to whom all the time!
This session was followed by a gread initiative by Aaj Tak called Satyagrah 2014herein Arshad Warsi was supposed to come but apparently he fractured his leg and couldnt. This mission has Quaisar jani as Gandhi Ji and a mission to Quaisar jani as Gandhi Jinow what would happen now if Gandhi returns? Is he only in the notes and statues or will he still truly be father of the nation? Do watch it live.

The last and the most awaited session of the entire Agenda event was Rajniti Ki Teen Devia - Sheila Dikshit,Chief Minister, Delhi; Brinda Karat, Member, Politburo, CPM; Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha. They spoke about why women reservations are necessary in the parliament? Why changes are necessary? Why reservation is necessary? Sushma Swaraj was of the opinion that the entry point is where maximum opoosition to a woman happens. She also said a woman doesn't need reservations to progress, she climed Mt. Everest, she went even in space but because the parliament ticket is in hands of a man reservation for women is needed. Sheila Dixit said a son is the hope in old age to which both Brinda and Sushma Swaraj disagreed and said a girl is eually caring and may be more. Beti paraya dhan etc crap has to be taken out from the society said Brinda Karat. She also said there should be division of labour even in household chores as women are as professional as men now a days. 

The interesting part came when Sheila Dixit said that a Son is the "baisakhi" in old age which was typical of her, luckily the other two women believed that this whole belief has led to male dominance in society. Why cant a daughter be the same support? "Beti paraya dhan hoti hai" so we cant go to her house, just get her married, etc. needs to be removed from the society. They also stressed that along with everything a man has a woman has emotions and empathy, I wanted to add also it has been scientifically proven that a woman can multi-task better then men! With a happy note for women and a hope that one day there will be an equality, a person will not be judged, especially a woman will not be considered less than an equal just because of her sex the Agenda Aaj Tak dinner session ended.

It was a great event, needless to say I am so thoroughly inspired by the talks. Each event by India Today has given me a great learning exposure and chance to interact with people I idolize. I am indebted to the India Today group and Aaj Tak for the recent inspiration that Mind Rocks and Agenda Aaj Tak has provided and I thank them deeply for these moments I shall cherish forever. Needles to say waiting for the next one!

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