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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beaten By Bhagath! by S.V.Divvaakar

Title: Beaten By Bhagath
Author:  S.V.Divvaakar
Category: Fiction 
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing (2012)
Date:  2012
Price: Rs.125
 Snapshot: The author goes through the most common aspirations, hurdles and mistakes that first time authors, who aim to make it big face in lighter tone with the aid of humor and comparisons that makes it simple to click with anyone.
The Review:   BB the protagonist writes financial reports which gets sold for lakhs owing to his writing style, it gets him a good recognition. Once when they jump to a contract in crore, his female boss just mentions that his writing style is incredible and suggests that he should try his hand at writing a novel. Well who cannot fall prey to the charm and encouragement from a good looking and smart female boss? BB does. Also he feels elated that his female boss thought he could do better than Bhagath-the best selling author and his room-partner and buddy since college times. Everyone who wishes to be a singer wants to be Lata Mangeshkar and the one who wants to be a writer imagines making it big like Bhagath! So BB decides he would too.
 But well he thought writing a novel was just about writing. He begins describing how an authors goes into "zones" of loneliness and his only aim is to complete his writing, avoids family time, outings, everything infact Then he comes to the stage of finding a publisher where he finds one at the end of a huge line of rejections. Well one would believe this was it! but no! in the era that is today it's always about being an all rounder. next thing comes is investing in publicity, looking at the books placement, getting celebrity endorsements, launching a book, attracting readers on social media, etc. Well BB doesn't give up, he manages it all.  This is the most important part of the book for upcoming authors. Will BB be able to beat Bhagath? At what costs to his personal life? 

The book though a light read is centered around some core questions that I even mentioned in my article "When you write your first book", the most important of which I always believe is "Why are you writing it?" as it plays a very important role in everything you do and decide for the book. Along with all the stuff that "wannabe authors" should know about the industry, the story teaches one where to draw a line in life in ones ambitions and aspirations.
Positives:    This book is perfect in its content, flow , ease of language, editing and story. Its humorous and light at most places except towards the later part, but the author maintains a light note throughout. The comparisons he draws are bizarre as they range from prostitution , to God and devotee, to Aamir's popular movie Lagaan and finally even to cutting vegetables. If you are laughing right now, go buy this book right away.
Negatives: None

Overall: A great read 4 stars on 5 and a must read for ever aspiring author.

About the Author
S. V. Divvaakar an alumnus of the IIT Delhi, is an international Monitoring and Evaluation specialist and serves on the boards of a few international companies. He is now in the process of a gradual transition, re-balancing his professional work and his creative interests: writing and music. He composes music, sings and plays the key board. His music addresses matters of public interest, such as: Corruption, Delhis traffic, and Commonwealth Games. He writes a blog Life Purpose and Happiness and has now ventured into writing, picking up the genre of realistic fiction. This is his second novel. Divvaakar lives with his wife and son in New Delhi.

I thank the author for a review copy.