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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indiblogger Meet for #JifiIsHere - As Banking Goes Social with Kotak Mahindra's Jifi accounts

The best part of this meet was it was on a lazy Sunday afternoon, at a beautiful location with perfect ambiance to suit the relaxed mood - B-Bar which is well known for its great bar and oriental cuisine itself was a great treat Indiblogger. I am personally a fan of such places and to add to it why not spend a great time exchanging ideas with people who are serious about putting their thous out there "fellow bloggers". It was near to my place and in my most favourite mall "Select City Walk" Saket, the very ambiance of this mall cheers me up. Finding B-Bar wasn't a question as I knew where it was, for first timer's coming from the front entrance it might get tricky. 

The ambiance was set and people had already started swaying with a breezy beer by the time I entered. This was the first time the meet was across three cities, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. Indiblogger I must say is improving on making people meet each other with activities each time, so there were two activities for the purpose this time. In the first one we were told to click a snap with minimum four bloggers whom we hadn't previously met and tweet to them with #Selfie. I wish this game was there in my first meet an year ago, would have met all the people I have met so far in one go then :P. Indi anyways has so many members now that you always meet someone new and this activity triggered that. I met so many people and we are now connected even via whats app now.

I also tried connecting with fellow bloggers in Mumbai and Bengaluru via the computers provided but that didn't workout as the connections went on and off, sadly I couldnt meet bloggers from these cities. Next we had a great dancing/head bang session on "ich will" , where as far as I saw the Mumbai bloggers video, we the Delhi people really rocked. I said so in my introduction too :P. #Delhi rocks afterall, and everyone who saw our spirit that day would agree.  Well after that I got a chance to introduce myself where some cool pictures of mine by Indi team will tell you it was the coolest introduction ( now that is called #Selfie :P)

Moving on to the theme of the session which is "Kotak Mahindra's Jifi accounts" which are social banking accounts. Sadly there was Chetan Bhagat in Mumbai who by the way did a bad job as a brand ambassador not able to answer questions plus he wasn't clear and through in his presentation. Sad we in Delhi didn't get to meet him. However, as part as the Kotak Jifi account clarity was concerned we were better off as we had the person whose brain child it was. He was prompt and thorough and took suggestions well.

Coming to the features of this account includes:

1. It is the same as your normal banking account as far as validity of your paperwork, KYC, etc. before opening an account is concerned (very important for bank accounts).

2. Additional features of connecting your facebook and twitter with the account (hence the banking is social). Well not just that the real advantage is you get reward points for referring friends, and more if they actually join. You can en cash these points into movie tickets, shopping via affiliate sites such as flipkart, etc. Cool isnt it?

Also its a great marketting strategy by  Kotak  to let people know about Jifi with zero investment!

3. A zero balance account. A great strategy to target student populations who might have no cash but lot of connections as they are social, and as time passes by they will earn and deposit money, so a cool strategy for targeting a customer base. (this service to my knowledge is available only in ICICI Women accounts and Kotak's attached accounts with a major account).

5.  You can check your balance from twitter which will be sent as a DM. So you don't have to download an app of each of your banks plus even if your phone isn't so high end or with less internal memory for storage like mine, you can access twitter from web and get your balance which comes in handy.

6. Balance above 25,000 INR gets a rate of interest equal to Fix Deposit. No that when you say AHA! One reason I will give it a very serious thought.

1. You cannot convert your existing account into Jifi. Now, my friend has a Kotak account,  but she cannot convert it into Jifi which she really wants and also who would want to open another one in the same bank? Kotak is loosing Jifi customers this way.

2. No interest on balance below 25,000. Now this may be to encourage more balance, or to balance out the higher rate of interest given on balance above 25,000; it still isn't a wise strategy going by the fact that social media use is majorly amongst youngster's and the target customer base is students who don't earn that much. I hope they give some interest atleast.

3. Only personal account, no corporate account, which they said they will consider.

The best part was apart from points the first person to register into Jifi account won a Flipkart Voucher and so did the person who had maximum points as he had maximum connections. See that's what really means "When Banking Goes Social Connections Pay"

Coming back to the meet we had our fun second activity where they divided us in teams and we had to tweet about our views on social banking with hashtag #JifiIsHere and our team hashtag for example we were team one, named #KPL1. This was also an attempt to connect with fellow bloggers in Mumbai and Bangalore on the same team. I tweeted a lot but sadly nobody responded. Our team also planned a skit combining social banking with Yo Yo Honey Singh and Comedy Night's with Kapil entitled "Yo Yo Jifi", but it was 3:30 by them and needless to mention we were ravenous. As soon as the food call was announced we went to eat but alas the line was long! However, the wait was worth it , loved the food at B-Bar more than that the company. I met the best bloggers, the best of people at lunch that day and for me the meet didn't end then. As we collected our Indi Tshirts and bid goodbye, it was only till we reached home.

That day after shopping at Select City I was so happy with the kind of friends I made, also Social Jifi made me "go social". Upon reaching home, the first thing I did was get connected with the bloggers I had met forever. I created a group of all blogger friends on whatsapp and you wont believe this group never sleeps. Every time I check my phone there are 40+ messages in the group. We have discussed food, fashion, contests, politics, books, interests and everything. We indeed meet on that lazy Sunday as strangers but today we are a family, nobody feels alone and bored now, you truly made is social "Jifi".

Go open an account today and get points for every friend that you refer to. Also don't just use these points for yourself, gift a friend a movie ticket when you get one from these very points. These are the little pleasures of life Jifi can give us. I'll end by saying "With money you may buy happiness but with Jifi points you gift moments". 

This post is written for Indiblogger meet #JifiIsHere held on 23rd March 2014 at B-Bar Select City Walk #JifiIsHere. It is also dedicated to the best people I met that day who will be my friends forever.

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