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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Wordkeepers by Jash Sen

Title: The Wordkeepers
Author: Jash Sen 
Category: Fiction (Children)
Publisher: Duckbill
Date: 2013
Price: Rs. 225
Pages: 262

Snapshot: This book is the first part of the Trilogy which is about Kalki avataar of Krishna fighting over the lord of the Kaliyuga that corrupts the minds of people for wealth and greed and restoring the earth back to the goodness of Satyuga

The Review: This beautiful cover page will lure you to read the book, in fact it has been one of the most attractive cover pages of 2013, but sadly that is the only exciting part spare the last 30 pages.

The story begins with abduction of Anya's mother who is originally a wordkeeper - a set of ten people who would protect and guide Krishna's Kaliki avataar to fight the evil forces. The year is 2028 and Anya a typical 21st century brat finds a note in her garden which tell her not to trust anybody. Following the set of instructions in that letter she discovers her mother was a wordkeeper and now on she would be. Her main task is to find the Avatar and assist him. 

On the other hand Bilal is a carefree boy in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. He is the avataar "Kalki" and is being watched over by both the positive and negative forces. The dark lord here is "Kali" who wishes to replace Vishnu and Shiva and be the supreme God corrupting people's hearts with greed. Before Kali's team can Parashuram appears before Bilal and tells him about his identity, takes him and begins his formal training. On the other hand Kali knows that the power lies with Wordkeepers and he is busy finding them and witholding their amulets - their source of power. His forces are behind Anya, tracing her. Will the twenty first century child find a way out and fulfill her duty or get caught?

Negatives:  Well this is an attempt to connect the dots from the Ramayana and Mahabvharat to Kaliyuga. Those characters that were immortal come to life in this story, Parshuram, Ashwatthama and Vibhishana. The story begins with Vibhishan's and one is all hopeful but the whole trail of Anya's journey was very boring. The Villains abode was also similar to Mars. Inshort there was no novelty factor either in the characters or in the surroundings. The combat is still old school. Technological advances haven't found a place in the writers imagination or she still believes that ancients were more advanced. In short the modern connect with the ancient feel doesnt strike, its all ancient overall.

Positives: I had no willingness to continue reading the book as halfway through it I was thoroughly bored however I am glad I did, the writer finally finds her elelment and the twist occurs in the end totally swoops the reader of its feet. I hope the next book in the trilogy which bring out the author's potential as she spent most of this one on just one trail, when things could have been more spiced up.

The Verdict: Read it if you wish to read the trilogy. 2.5 stars on 5. 

Grab a copy here:

About the Author
Jash Sen 
is a DU, IIM graduate who worked in IT and taught mathematics while dreaming of writing a book. The Wordkeepers is Jashs first novel, and is the rst of a trilogy.

I thank Duckbill (Westaland Publishers) for a review copy. 

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