Monday, May 26, 2014

The Love Diet by Shonali Subherwal

Title: The Love Diet
Author: Shonali Subherwal
Category: Health & Fitness
Publisher: Random House
Date: 2014
Price: Rs. 250
Pages: 256

Snapshot:  This book is about how the diet you consume affects the person you are and in turn your actions and how you can modulate it and in turn everything in your microcosm by organizing your diet.

The Review:  First of all I wasn't impressed with the books cover page however thankfully that was where it ended. the author being a nutritionist has quiet methodically written the cook. She begins with the classification of attributes as per Macrobiotics into Yin &Yang. She goes to further explain attraction through these attributes. 

The author describes then how age, marriage, relationship status, hormonal level, needs and sex when examined minutely can be affected by food. She has then further gone to explain how to boost Yin and Yang with food and has provided recipes of what constitutes The Indian Love Diet for her.

 Positives: What I loved in the book was the scientific and methodical manner of putting forward the facts. The case studies described add an extra pound to the understanding of cause and effect of diet. The best part of the book was the chart with Indian food, since most dietitians usually recommend foods that are available either in tier one cities only or are difficult to be consumed when one has a difficult schedule. The topping on the ice-cream is the recipe for balanced, healthy preparation of these consumables. 

Negatives: None

The Verdict:  This book was much needed by the calorie conscious generation of today who is workaholic and professional at the same time. It will certainly be the best investment you made. Read, follow and apply it in your life. 4 stars on 5. 

About Shonali Sabherwal
Shonali Sabherwal is an Indian celebrity dietitian. She is a graduate of The Kushi Institute and is the only practising Counsellor and Macrobiotics chef in India from the institute.
She guides people to achieve physical beauty and health through a highly developed and unique diet course which she designs to their needs through her online counselling enterprise, soulfood. She has also written The Beauty Diet.