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Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Dream Destination- Time Travel to Ancient Egypt #Mummified

What if you could time travel and connect with people of the past, the very heroes that inspire you? What if you could talk to the dead and connect with their hearts, thoughts and actions. Though time travel is yet to made possible, the ancients left us one way to connect to their hearts! Dilon Ko Jodne ka ek madhyam "The relics of the past". Dont you agree?

A destination that I have dreamt of travelling to since class 6 when I learnt about a culture where people believed that there is life after death and in preparation of the same mastered the art of preserving the dead bodies which is yet to be perfected by the modern race. That wasn't all, for the kings and queens a grand structure was built, which is impossible to imagine without great machinery as we have now. Yes! The land of the Pharoah's it is  "Egypt". Lets see now our history textbooks come to life...

I would love to take all my friends with a crazy curious nerve like mine. The first destination would be the migthy river Nile, the very source that attracted the first humans to settle there and direct the winds of time to carve some of the mightiest relics of human civilization.

Nile is located in modern day city of Alexandria built by Alexander the Great.

As you step into Egypts capital Cairo you feel  you are time travelling as migthy palaces welcome you to the heart of the Arab World.
Sultan Hassan's Mosque at Cairo

And then the place where the dead lay, so do their remains of their Grandiose. The greatest men, the magnificent kings, lie hear as if telling us the history themselves: The Museum of Antiques, Cairo.

Let the Pharoahs welcome you:
The city of the dead re-established.

The newly renpvated Amarna room at the egyptian museum in Cairo. Photo by Mohamed Megahed

Finally we would be face to face with The Tutankhamuns mask and admire his glory as it watches us. 

I may seriously faint here. Friends hold me.
 The golden throne of The Golden Pharoah - Tutankhamun
A glimpse of the ancient Egypt Museum.

And finally we head to The Destination: Pyramids of Giza , where the 4500 year old, precisely built pyramids pointing to the heaveans transport us to the world before us.

The shpinx standing before them guarding the history...their legacy
Yes! we shall hangot here till the night and marvel them. I can feel the effect so profound, renders me speechless.

Just like #JodeyDilonKo, a trip to the Pyramids would connect us to the people who live through what they built, to what we are in awe of, to those structures that makes the time travel prossible.


  1. An interesting travel that would surely be Nimmi. I hope your dream is fulfilled.