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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Black Is Beautiful.....more so in India

Black is beautiful, because its black that makes us appreciate the white. Black is one dark colour that makes a perfect background for brighter things, like the night sky against which the stars twinkle. Black is the colour that absorbs all light, a symbolic of absorbing all evil. Black is used to absorb all unwanted radiation (well the scientist in me is of course not going to miss that). we all originated from an African woman, therefore black symbolizes our very origin.

        Top on my Wishlist (sadly only a wish): The Black Taj: what would have been the most beautiful sight, the greatest wonder of the world. (this picture is an artists imagination of the same).

Black is the favourite colour of all girls as black dress makes us look slim, a thin line of "black kajal" will make your eyes shine, a pair of black shoes that is our saviour as it matches every dress, that black safety pin which holds my hair and goes with everything I wear.

Disclaimer!!! Here are the top 5 of all black things I love (though these are things and had they allowed us to include will always be "An Indian Man"- Tall, Dark and that is what we call handsome ;). Well to that point Barack Obama, one of the people I inspire from and one of the most powerful men in the world is also black.

1. Black Macbook Air:
When I start thinking about what are the five black things that I like the most it strikes me is the black Macbook air, nothing looks as beautiful as that gadget. The day I saw it in the hands of my thesis advisor I have fallen in love with it and just look at it, whenever it passes by me, much like Shahrukh Khan does when he drools over Rani Mukherjee (aka Tina) in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...

The first thing I shall buy when I become a scientist shall be this!

                                           I am drooling again.....

2. Night:
 I am not Bat Woman  but I am certainly a creature of the night. perhaps a human race that loves the night. I love working in the nights as my creative juices flow then the best, I love the silence, the darkness and no disturbance with my laptop being the only source of light around. More fun is when you get to watch scary movies, it gives the thrill. Undoubtedly the most creative people be it writers , musicians, poets and scientists (a little of all which I am) love to work at night. And my watch says 12:54 AM right now, what does that tell you?

I always wish it is night.....
                                The nights that keep me company and bring out the best in me. 

3. Black High Heel Shoes:
    Being a woman life always has too much multi tasking, more so off when you have jumped into the well called "PhD". Mostly we do not know where we are, so when invited to a party or a blogging event, we just rush and reach mostly late. With hardly there being a time when one can shop for matching shoes with every dress, we buy one pair of black shoes (hush that's a secret I just told you). These lovely darlings from Forever 21 which perfectly stand for grace and confidence on my list.

                                 My saviour shoes....

4. Black Tea: 
Black Tea, the purest form, without additives give you a strong kick, good enough to keep you awake in the most boring lectures or in those examination days when if you fall asleep, you are doomed, atleast i was. I owe all my entrances till PhD being cleared to this one cup of black tea that the tea-holic in me had each night and then read until dawn, scaring my parents with a thought that I studied a lot :P. Always on my wishlist.

                            My best friend

The last and the depest desire is to see a black Taj Mahal...

5. Black Tajmahal: 
 Though this hasn't been built, when I saw a documentary which showed the concept and plans of Shah Jahan to built a black Taj Mahal, i was mesmerized, not only by the idea of the contrast the black and the white would provide , but the beauty of the monument that I couldn't let go off unless I was thrown out (literally) as it was closing time. The tomb symbolic of love, standing for eternal beauty is one of the most beautiful creation by a man, known to the human race. Imagine the same in black, let me help you, just watch this video below to understand the concept and the visualization:

Wouldnt this be the most spectacular sight you ever saw? Well BBC does say it would have been the greatest wonder of the world!!!

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