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Friday, July 25, 2014

My Super Phone - No Misunderstandings Anymore- For a World Without Borders

I believe the most important reason behind peace and harmony, something which forms the very base of every human relstion ship is "understanding". When the opposite of this called "mis-understanding" occurs every and any relationship fails. Understanding can therefore be the glue, the cement that holds every relationship and the people involved together.

Therefore If my phone would have one superpower it would be to detect "mis-understandings". Isn't that evident in everything around us, the decreasing emotional touch in relationships, the need to celebrate days to be able to spend time even with parents; the increasing disturbance in world peace. Misunderstandings can cause greatest destruction in smallest to greatest circumstances. I am confident about this from the greatest example of the history of our own country. Imagine if there were no misunderstandings between the founders of India and Pakistan Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohd. Ali Jinnah, what a nation we would have been still being "Hindustaan". Imagine what a cricket team we would have had, unbeatable! On the other side, all those people who lost their lives in Kargil would have been with their families. 

Many of you might think how can I imagine this, well my hopes are not imaginary. In 2013, I visited The Wagah Border post the ceremony when the gates closed again, the people of Pakistan waved to us from the other side, they were extending their hands from the spaces in the gates to be able to greet us and be friends, even if it was just a handshake. They were as curious and happy to see the other side of the border as were we. I was sure that day they wanted to be friends. A common man doesn't want fight, they want peace and togetherness, they want friendship and camaradearie. War is the game of the diplomats, the powerful and the power crazy. 

The portrait of the land divided into peaces is very well portrayed by one of the best writers in history Rudyard Kipling in his book the Light That Failed “We're all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.”  a bunch of misunderstandings drew lines across the land God gave us and this misunderstanding now like fire engulfs humanity. If we can detect and destroy this very misunderstanding at the right time we may one day  live in what Swami Vivekananda believed was god's dream, humans celebrating the planet gifted to them, living and loving the bounty of mother nature, in harmony with others.

I wish to eliminate the very cause of bombings that destroys innocent civilians, even children; that creates borders, that distances man from his own brother, lover or nation. The very borders that without a confirmation lead to the killing of 100's of workers and scientists like me, that fight the most deadliest disease of our times AIDS. I mourn for those who are no more and I pray we can one day with technology eliminate where it all began....a misunderstanding.

   21 children were killed in Israel’s genocidal attack on Palestinians in Gaza..where is the world going? Its time to heal the word and make it a better place as Michael Jackson once said.

This contest has been written for #IncredibleZen , The Search Of Incredible contest for Asus Zenphone by Indiblogger. All the details about the super Zenphone can be found at:


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