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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Scribblers Orchard : Part 9

The parts before this one are here: "RECAP"


The chants of "Om Shree Ganeshay Namah", "Ganpati Bappa Morya", reverberated outside. He sat in his dark room, thinking, contemplating if he would be successful? He had never failed, never ever failed. He was called “Acharya-the learned one” for he was the one who knew the truth. Nobody, only him. He smiled at the foolishness of people who went crazy in the frenzy of their Gods to forget the world, fast ceremoniously and make all the noise for days. It angered him to no extent. The dark veil of ignorance of believing in a God that doesn’t exist, that never listens to their prayer’s, the one they had never seen. He smirked how as a little boy even he was the same. As a child born in a Hindu Brahmin family, he knew the word “Bhagwaan or God” before his own, recognized their idols before his own people. He was lucky to realize the truth, the truth that there was no such God as they all believed. There was just one true God “Fire” that gave birth to all, right from The Big Bang. It is fire that cleanses, fire that teaches you selflessness when you give something to, it is the fire- the spirit within your body, fire is what the body is given to when this journey ends. Fire was the only God, one of the Pagan Gods, worshipped by the ancients and lost to the materialistic modern. However his life’s mission was to bring the lost wisdom back. Whatever it may take he would fulfill his wow of making people see it. Initially he tried to explain it to people, but what would these un-evolved souls even feel? They couldn’t sense everything logical around them, the mere inequality in a society, the fact that their God was no where when the innocent were killed.  They were blind so was their fate.

But may be it was he who was destined to bring humanity into the light, again the opposite of darkness and “Fire” stood for light.  He was a master strategist and his life was his lesson. Very early on he learnt in life to trust nobody and he did just that. He was successful for nobody ever knew his plan, not even the people who worked for him. They just knew their part and the big picture always came when it was all done. Nobody even knew him, or his voice. Only his shadow communicated. He never physically met anyone and spoke through a machine generated voice.  The blind human race did give him some tools to accomplish what he wished for, being the one, the anonymous one. Oh! How he loved to be smarter than the smartest.

There were just a few people left and then the world will listen to him, he was the true preacher, he was “Acharya”

A sound baffled everyone,  Arjun whose mind was just  trying to comprehend “Where was the PM?” turned and so did Jeniffer and Tara. An array of crackers lit up surrounding Cyrus and within seconds the fire grew monstrous engulfing a large part of the ground. The crowd screamed and started running haphazardly. Cyrus wailed, tried to move, but half drugged his efforts were in vain. The bomb squad team now had to save him, rescue him. Arjun luckily had men in fire proof suits, keeping all circumstances in mind, he ordered them into get into action. The smoke from the crackers blinded vision.

Jennifer tried calling the worried Shekhar to report the incident. Arjun’s team managed to take Cyrus out. The bomb squad then began working to diffuse the explosives all around him. Arjun tried to get back to his bearings the best and ordered the rest of his men to search for all the actors in the last play. They left the very second. 

Arjun's phone kept ringing all the while, however he couldnt hear it at all in the commotion that there was. When he finally did, it was from the police headquarters, the Prime Minister had gone missing.

And then there was a gunshot.

--------------------------------------------------------Week One Ends Here--------------------------
...............................................................To be Continued.............................................................

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