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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Gesture I am touched by - Response To My Open Letter From Penguin Random House India

On 10th November, for the first time in India, one of the most loved authors of our times Dan Brown spoke in an open lecture in Delhi. The credit for this goes to Penguin Random House India which has time and again got to us, some of the most iconic people in the world today. The frenzy for Dan Brown was a magnitude higher for he is a writer who provided not just stories but stories with elements. symbolism, science and logic. He is somebody who has motivated me to read more than anyone else and my first story (unpublished) had the strongest character inspired by him. So when he was to deliver a talk we counted days, hours and minutes to reach that moment. 

However, despite of regular announcements that day during the talk that he would sign the copies later, having book counters outside the lecture hall, Dan didn't sign copies. Apart from the one liner that he cannot do so (without any reason from him or the publisher) he left. It was really disheartening for a lot of readers and I chose to voice it. After my tweets weren't responded to I went ahead and wrote this post:

I wasn't honestly expecting a response as my tweets were unanswered. Surprisingly they did. I got a packet yesterday from them with a signed copy of Inferno, the latest book by Dan Brown with an apology note from Caroline Newbury- VP Marketing and Publicity at Random House India. The note says they didn't have the signing as it would have been difficult to manage and they didn't promise the books to be signed. Well, they did say book signing at the end when everyone asked multiple times during the program. So that part isn't accepted. However, I accept their earlier point of not being able to manage a crowd. Though signing one copy per person would have been just fine. 

I thank them for responding to my earlier blog post and the copy. One tweet in response to mine from your side or an apology at the event would have worked as well. As a person who has lost a lot just for expressing an honest opinion, this gesture of yours has helped in establishing the fact that its not a crime to speak ones mind and there are people in the world who will appreciate and respond to the same. This little step from you has done a great deal in restoring my faith in humanity.

I hope we have better interactions with great authors you publish. Also I wish your team more energy and hope we have more talks, book signings and everything that connects a reader to his favorite author. We at The Readers Cosmos stand for the same and would love to help you the best we can. 

This copy will be a cherished possession for two reasons now, Dan Brown and you. Thank you.

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