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Monday, January 26, 2015

How Would I Make Valentines Day Special With Unlimited Powers

I have always wondered "What If I ever could have a Harry Potter's wand?" the answer to it was always going towards being someone I am not. If I really had unlimited powers and wish to make it a Valentines day worth it, before the significant one in my life, I would like to gift my parents - the reason behind my being in the first place, the happiest Valentines Day of their lives.

Like every middle class home, my parents have lived to save and sacrifice for their children. Even though one of them now (me) is economically independent they see to it that our needs and wishes are met before theirs. So If I had a chance to repay them it would be by being the perfect daughter (which I am not) and gifting them a holiday which I feel is the most romantic one.

To begin from the beginning, I would try to be a good daughter. I am a person who firmly believes that entropy (disorder) in the universe is ever increasing as the laws of  thermodynamics teach us. So the first goal is to clean up my room. That would be done in seconds thanks to the magical powers. Though dad is cool with my ways but this is going to be a day my mom wouldn't forget.                   
                              My room mostly looks like the one in the picture, so now imagine the rest :P

The next thing I would again do is cook them a perfect Gujarati meal. A dream for every parents. Now I am an average cook, so to make a great meal at least on one day that would require some special powers and I would invoke them for this.

                                                        The Taj Mahal - from my lenses

The next thing I would want is to help them travel without being crowded by people to the epitome of love, Taj Mahal, Agra. To me the most perfect valentines day would be them spending an entire day there. What better than an emperor's entire life laid out to make that one monument for his beloved queen after his untimely death. It is said that Shah Jahan spent every waking hour of his focused upon the creation of the Taj after Mumtaz's death for it was in her memory. Story writers of the era write that after her death the emperor lost the sense to eat or drink for months and aged rapidly. In his last days while being held captive by his own son Aurangzeb at Agra fort, he wished for a prison cell that had a Taj facing window so that his eyes would open and close only to see his beloved till they closed forever. And today in that very tomb he made in the likeness of her beauty, they lie next to each other, immortalized, united torn apart and then united by death. Undoubtedly no monument in history can be a symbolic of love that spans a lifetime like the Taj. Therefore that is the place my parents, who spent their entire lives caring just for us, spend their day giving time to each other, like the good old times when they were young and their lives were free of our responsibilities.

That' not all. The Taj looks the grandest and most beautiful at night. As the Taj closes at 7:00pm for visitors, and luxury means Taj - the hotel I would like my parents to spend the rest of their time in thebest suite in Taj Mahal facing the Taj and that is what is my idea of a perfect valentines day for the two people I owe my life to. 

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