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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Review: Love Lasts Forever...Only If You Don't Marry Your Love by Vikrant Khanna

Title:  Love Lasts Forever
Author:  Vikrant Khanna
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Date:  2014
Price: Rs. 107
Pages: 256

Can Love really last forever or it is an emotion that reaches an amplitude for a phase and meets an inevitable death? This is the question we often ask as the urban Indian society moves towards the norm of "love marriage". Finding a soul mate is something everyone looks forward to right from their teen age and a lot of dreams and expectations are build around it, thanks to the movies, television and books we  are rosy eyed. However after the rosy phase the relationship goes through a time where one comes to know about the short comings of one's partner, marriage, adjusting within the groom's family (for the girl) etc. This is precisely what this light story by Vikrant Khanna puts a spotlight on. 

Ronit is only eighteen and freshly out of pre-sea training institute and all set to be a sailor falls in love at first sight Aisha, the sister of his batch-mate Priyank. Its mutual, the admiration and the relationship is smooth for seven long years despite the long distance, intermittent meeting and Ronit proposing all along. Aisha being more practical gives in only after she realizes that the relationship has been old enough to take the plunge. She does warn him about the fact that the dynamics change after marriage, there are more fights and practicality takes over romance. Ronit's love and longing for her makes her give in. However as expected there are problems. She is a perfect girlfriend but takes time to adjust to his family, a mother-in-law and what nobody wants, a sister-in-law nagging all the time.

Ronit isn't happy and spends more time away with his friends instead. The pressure of an alien home and being distanced by Ronit puts Aisha into further grief and the relationship is strained. He now longs for more sea voyages then ever before and after a major fight just embarks on the next available opportunity, only to meet a very interesting captain Shekhar, one who has lived an unusual love story and is divorced. So the author cleverly introduces us to a complicated situation of this wise man and as he narrates his story of love for his ex-wife despite being divorced they get hijacked by pirates. This clever tactic of Ronit's building inquisitiveness over the captain's love story which is served in parts, intermittently at the mercy of the pirates wish to allow them to talk. 

Shekhar's story presented in this manner makes the reader just wanting for more and turn the pages till one has read it all. Best part being its unpredictability.

Can the bad time drive sense into Ronit? What is Shekhar's story? Will he be able to revive his relationship with Aisha or will it meet its ugly end? To know, read the book.

The Verdict: The book overall with a light story brings onto canvas the problems every couple in a love marriage face all around. Though most give up to fate this story presents an understanding of life that can make one change perspective. It makes both partners think with the other's perspective on the relationship and think of the greater future by being together over the petty quarrels that like fire can be made bigger either to burn the relationship or being subtly put off with the calm waters of understanding. The USP of the book is Shekhar's story and the perspective on life it brings about. The author's tactic in breaking it into parts by introducing the hijack crisis is a intelligent strategy to have the audience crave for the next bit.

The language is simple, writing and editing crisp and the book makes up for a better read than those romantic stories that born and die on paper, for here is a practical one. The author is definitely someone whose writings I am looking forward to.

Rating:  3.5 stars on 5

About Vikrant Khanna
Vikrant Khanna grew up in Delhi. He studied at the Tagore International School. He has also penned the bestselling book The India I Dream of... and the Facebook Revolution Begins!! and When Life Tricked Me… And Love Kicked Me.He joined the Merchant Navy as a deck officer and later became a Chief Officer. Vikrant eventually completed his masters to become a Captain. He is also a keen guitarist who composes his own songs and is adept at cooking.

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  1. Nice review! have gone through your other posts as well good work with the blog :)