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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How I Would #ChooseToStartWith New Moto E

A mother is a girls best friend. The person who is most of the times with you as you grow, who teaches you the first words that are uttered from your mouth, the finger that helps you take your first walk is your mother. As a girl grows she needs someone she can share her little joys, the small and sometimes big mistakes, the understanding of her biology as she grows, the feelings of first crush. When the friend is a mother who knows you inside out its a boon. Mother's tend to have an intuitive feeling with their children and so you don't have to describe yourself, she just understands you. So I wish to start a new life with my folks by my side with the new Moto E.

Living alone for your education has been a norm for people from the rural India and so is teh case with me. There is no option for where we belong there are no institutions of higher education. In my case, my town had only education up to std 10.  I wanted to do Science, and so at a tender age of 15, post standard ten I moved out of my house.

The education worked well and 12 years down the lane I am still studying to get the highest degree possible in my field, PhD. It has been a long lonely road. Friends fill up the space but nobody can be your parent, not certainly a mother. In my case, I am happy for what I have achieved but its only partial for what I have lost is the chance to be with my parents, watch my little brother grow and most of all missed my best friend-my mother. These were precious moments that never come back. You may record them as snapshots but you can't live them. The sad part is despite knowing this, I also know that I cannot go back to them to live with them for where I come from, there are no places to employ a scientist. So my happiness was like the crescent moon, it looked beautiful but it was never full. Or so I thought, till the time people of my breed into technology invented what is called as "A Smart Phone".

After Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, the first giant leap in technology was the internet. A combination of two, the smartphone can now achieve what has never been possible before, and the best thing before we invent tele-portation. You may think what might excite me so much about this? But if you are living away from your family, you will definitely understand what video calling from your phone anytime and see your folks, be at a distance from them but still have them there with the webcam on when you cut your birthday cake, find that special someone or need help in deciding a piece of jewelry you want to buy ( I am a girl after all) means to you.

At this stage when me and my brother whose growing up years I have already missed, are both away in different corners of the country, away. When it is a stage where they have spent all their time and attention on us, not being able to maintain their social life for our homework, exams , competitions etc. They feel so alone now. Moms especially being more emotional feels sad mostly and really looks forward to having us. However its just once a year for a week in my case. I have missed her while I try to cook exactly like her, while shopping, or discussing putative dating candidates. We do converse on the phone but its never like being there. 

My mom like most people of her generation, isn't comfortable with technology. It was difficult to convince her to use a mobile phone. Hers is a simple, Nokia 1100, non android phone. So is mine and therefore I choose to start my life by buying two sets  of Moto E for me and her, as we upgrade ourselves and get closer with a smart phone. I choose Moto E, for it has the following features:

1. It is user friendly: For a person like my mother, everything that she operates on has to be easily visible and she shouldn't spend too much time searching for it, else she gets confused. Hence this is the right choice.

2. Size: My mom and me is not a fan of large phones, she needs something small that fits into her purse and for me it should fit the pocket of my jeans. This 4.3 inch phone is the right size for her.

3. Sturdy:  It is a phone that doesn't break upon falling, like its cheaper counterparts.

4. The Brand Value: My best friend is using Moto E . He is extremely happy with Motorolla. We never have faced and hangup issues etc. so far. These are important for people of my mom's age who cannot troubleshoot with the ease we can and so all they need is a hassle free phone. We having seen it with my friends phone, have complete trust in the brand value of Moto, do not have to think of something else when it comes to buying a smart phone.

5. Camera: The phone comes with a 5MP camera, which is a good resolution, that can help her share the moments instantly with me on Whatsapp or Instagram. I can get her great insight on the guys I date especially;), or the jewelry, shoes etc. I chose. 

6. Dual Sim:  This will help her carry both Delhi Sim and the home sim when she visits me, saving us the trouble of misplacing it and buying a new one each time.

7. Value for Money: The first generation Moto E begins from 5999 INR and the second generation at 6999 INR, there can be nothing better than this phone's configuration for this price. 

I am all set to start a new life by connecting with my mom 24X7. Do you miss your mother? Join the bandwagon and #Start A New Life with Moto E.  After all as the Moto E  President COORick Osterloh  believes that "A great smartphone shouldn't be a luxury, it should be a choice for everyone."

Know more about the phone here :

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