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Sunday, May 10, 2015

#Equality Is #Sharing The Load

Equality in the twenty first century also means sharing responsibilities equally. A home now a days means a place where people care and share, the joys , sorrows and also the chores. Laundry is one of the biggest chores. People of the generation gone by (our parents) are now beginning to see the changes in their lives and learn from the youngsters. This is an example of my cousins family and the most significant one I know of, of sharing the load.

My cousin brother went for studies to UK. He fell in love with a girl there and got married with the blessings of the entire family. The couple was the most handsome you ever saw, for in their eyes was not just love but a strong commitment to stand by each other come what may. Something that is rare in very young couples but I adored them for the maturity in them. Right from convincing the family to accept her, to planning the wedding, they did it all together. It was amazing to see them finally as life partners blessed by the Gods. After giving them a good space of honey moon I went to stay with them for the five days they had left in the country before they went back to their life in UK. My sister-in-law was crowded by visitors and taught the Indian ways, how's and why's. My brother just kept glancing at his beautiful bride meaning "don't worry you will do it well" and she did. The load , the pressure was on her, but his constant assurance was like he was taking it all too, like an equal partner. On the other hand there was so much work that the servants were over burdened. So after everything ended at night, the couple would help their mother manage it all. Sometimes they worked so that my aunt who was getting old could rest. 

 But Alas! two days before they had to leave the maid fell ill and all the clothes of everyone staying there plus the couple were yet to be washed and packed. They were all just piled up to be washed on that particular day. My aunt went crazy and tried calling every possible maid from the neighborhood but nobody would do it knowing the house just witnessed a major wedding function and relatives were still around. That day my brother just asked his mother to calm down and did what he would have done if he would have been in UK. They did the laundry together. And without a machine. They did it happily, with a smiling face, occasionally throwing water at each other. The house that had been in chaos half an hour ago had just rattles of laughter. It was so addictive that all the children joined them and helped them put the washed clothes on a rack and so on. A calamity was the best part of their wedding season. However what happened next was a moment in history. My ultra-orthodox uncle, who wouldn't even pick up his spoon post dinner, who never helped my aunt, also joined the washing. We all the just gaped. Nobody could tell him a word, even that of surprise but he said it himself " I thought your generation didn't know half the time what to do, but you both have set an example that the smallest and biggest moments are better when you share them with your partner, I hope to be a better husband now on". And from that moment my uncle looks forward to  the maid being ill so that he could help his wife for all the years he missed and my aunt out of habit doesn't let him do much.

Who of the two is a better couple I seriously doubt. If this story made you smile, share the chores with your partner and discover the moments of togetherness within them.  “I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”

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