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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Family is all about sharing the good, the bad and the work. The way children are brought up in Indian families it is perhaps not so. Where a female child even in families that believe in education and equality is taught all the household chores, a male child is always the prince at whose command the world works. Well that did work with the generation of our parents but no more. It is amazing to see that men though brought up differently have now seen the change and having equally professional siblings have aided the cause.

Citing my own example, my baby brother is eight years younger to me. While we were at home everything was taken care of by the maid monitored by our mother, however that was a small town and we were a family. As we moved out and started the struggle of our career, standing on our own feet such luxuries are rare. Of course the kitchen training has helped women survive better in hostels with bad food, maintaining themselves otherwise with clothes etc. Men too after a year or so out have learnt the lesson. So I realized when my baby brother who is no more a baby now visited me in Delhi two years ago. I was in the third year of my doctoral studies and work had just picked up. The stress was huge. So when he had summer break and since we hadn't met for an year, I invited him here. 

I couldn't take leave as that wasn't possible. I had to manage someone else other than me for fifteen days and that thought was enough to give me nightmares. So I began thinking and planning. However hard I tried after a week there was a day when I just couldn't manage. I was too tired waking up at 5:00 AM every day, cooking, leaving for work so that I can be back early and going out every evening thereafter to do things on his "to do list". My brother realized this as I delayed the plans with phone calls every hour, extending every hour. And I landed up dead tired at 11:00 PM. I had just managed to get there with nothing but an apologetic face. I thought we would order food and that was what I could do to save the day. Worst, the weekend was spend going to visit the Taj so the laundry was pending and so was the cleaning.

What I saw next has been the best memory of my life. The house was clean. The clothes were washed and hanged. He had made cold coffee for me which was served with ice-cream which he got and not just that. He had kept the room ready with woofers in a theater mode, made popcorn and ordered food from Dominos which landed 10 minutes after me. When I asked him "how did he learn to do the laundry", he just responded, I saw some videos on Youtube and found it manageable. I realized one thing that day, our generation has its own style but it does know how to spend the little quality time they have really well. 

That evening , rather night was the best I ever had and my brother coming to visit me now is a luxury for we care and share the fun and the load.  “I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.” 

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