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Friday, August 21, 2015

Learning to Cook with Airtel 4G

4G connection is finally coming to India after a long, really long wait. While friends in more developed countries such as USA and Japan have a 4G since 2010, and boast of it as they definitely have an advantage over us, but those days are to be a story of the past. Luckily for us though other telephone operators are yet to give a date on a 4G connection, Airtel now launches for the first time in India a 4G connection. In anticipation of the same, I bought my recent smart phone which is 4G enabled and with undoubtedly an airtel connection. 

Being a child who had always been academically inclined other things always took a back seat post standard nine, until recently when I finally submitted my PhD thesis. There hadn't been much time to pursue any hobby except reading which wasn't that difficult, only switching genres. Recently I have a new found love "to eat good, healthy, food". Living in the hostel it hasn't been possible and therefore the only way to do is cook it yourself which I have found pretty interesting. These are of course the times when the dish turns out pretty good and anyone tasting it praises me. It is also advantageous to cook your meal yourself as you can choose what to eat and watch your weight while you do so. All seems well thus far except for the fact that how to learn to do so, with you living alone, by yourself. Luckily we have one answer to all our problems, not God, he is not for these things, it is called "the internet". 

However the rate limiting step here is an internet connection. I have a 3G in my phone currently as that is one device you can conveniently carry where you go but many a times I have just given up on it as it takes a lot of time to buffer, time which you do not have, especially when there are deadly, impossible deadlines. You have about 30 minutes to fix a meal which is a lot if you have pre-downloaded the video that is leading you to cook fast. But if you have not decided it previously or wish to et something different like a salad you didn’t try before you just can’t do it coz on your screen it will read “buffering” even with a 3G.

Since health is wealth and food for me an instant panacea I decided to go with airtel 4G. I dream of the day all I will do after coming back late from work, ravenous and struggling to fix a quick meal and not succumbing to instant food as that is just not healthy; I shall just live stream on youtube the best salad recipe and go to bed with satiety of the stomach and the soul.
A step further Airtel has so much confidence in themselves so as to challenge anyone to have a faster connection then their 4G and they would pay that individuals telephone bills. Are you ready to take the challenge? If you know a little about how it works you would instead buy an Airtel connection now! All you have to do is log on to and apply for one. The sim will be delivered at your door step. Value time and use airtel 4G.