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Thursday, October 15, 2015

KLASS by Prita Yadav

Title:  KLASS
Author:  Prita Yadav
Publisher:  Self published
Date:  2015
Price: Rs. 180
Pages: 312

Jolene Jordan is a typical strong headed girl that you have encountered somewhere or another, a rough exterior and not a very fine work at that. One always knows there is so much more and a lot of reasoning, past life demons culminating in the fiery personality, her. Sadly more often it was that nobody cared and by her own father she hates to the core is sent to a school called KLASS, so as to be get rid off. She bearing the very same DNA wishes to over-rule the decision and gets herself suspended. Hence right from the beginning of the story she is shown to behave like a jerk with everyone, not even sparing her school principal. The first chapter where author introduces each character is the best one for she brings out an image for each one highlighting their typical behaviour.

However within the many layers of the exterior, buried deep down is the internal caring being, the one that comes out and therefore is revealed in parts when she tries to help the girl with best marks but low confidence Tejasvee(Teju) or the boy that weeps alone in the school passages at night, Jogesh. She is a tough but and though some develop a liking to that attitude instantly, some take time. Also, for some she slowly seeps into their hearts doing good for them, for her exterior is only a cover and the inner beings take over. Slowly Friendships develop with the most unlikely people. However, everyone who tried changing school knows outsiders aren't treated well, especially if they are smart or more popular than the people who prevailed before. Many students take a dislike to her and not leave a chance to insult.

But the greater mystery to this persona is her personal life which the writer tactically and slowly reveals in parts only to keep the reader more wanting. In a couple of mentions she understands her mother was known to one of her teachers and that her father paid a huge donation to a prestigious school and hence she was taken here. She who doesn't understand why her mother left her in an orphanage when small and why her father hated her, a hard that had given rise to s deep sense of dark emotions in her. Only when she is about to figure about the mystery behind her personal life and tackle the problems from people she had chosen to annoy at school, her mother passes away. 

It is time for her to know who she is, discover her true identity, her true being. Will she be able to know the truth about her parents and their relationship? Will she come above her life realities and rise like a star? Well read the book for that. A great mix of all kind of characters give the story a perfect tangy flavour. Right from the cheesy guy who flirts with every girl, the guy with looks to die for, the guy who stands by you, the friend who brings out the best in you at your worst to the rivals bickering each fine you pass by; this book is your school life in these pages.

The central character Jo is one you have either been or want to be. The writer as if effortlessly makes the entire school come alive with her mere words, as she develops not just the lead but each character in great detail that they vividly remind you of  somebody you can relate to from your school days. It engages you thoroughly before you realize and get hooked to this simple story gets you engrossed, perhaps for you will relate perfectly with each character. 

The debut writer Prita Yadav has a lot lying under wraps and reveals it slowly only making you think and want more. The writing and the flow is set so well that the book is unputdownable. The language is simple albeit for a few spelling errors. The editing could be a little, just a little stricter. As far as a debut effort is concerned the book deserves all the praises. The writer is one I certainly look forward to for more. I was upset when this book ended. Waiting for Part 2, 3 and many more for KLASS. 4 stars on 5.

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