Saturday, October 10, 2015

What Defines Us? A Doris Lessing Nobel Prize lecture

Have you ever thought what is the world, the one without books? It is your worst possible nightmare if you are addicted to reading. Yet not many of us cherish that treasure, for we have always had it around us. But imagine a school in a dusty desert of an under-developed nation. The schools there barely exist. Though the eyes are filled with dust and throat that is dry, the legs tired by walking endlessly just to fetch a quail of water, a woman's thirst is for a piece of paper that interests her beyond every other thing. It is her, that may define us someday, for we are non-existent, we the rich, the famous, the privileged or just the plain lucky.

This is one of the best ever Nobel Prize lectures I have ever heard by Doris Lessing. It speaks of that love for books and learning like never before. After listening to this donate a book, it might change someone's life.  Listen to it here.

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