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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Book Review: by Vishal Bhatia

Author: Vishal Bhatia
Publisher: Quixotic Options Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
Date:  2015
Price: Rs.350
Pages: 238

The story begins with a very young Jangsher romancing in the picturesque backdrop of the lush green fields of Punjab with his first love, Reet. It gives him scars both outside and within, rather outside-in when her brothers beat him and take her away. Swish past this part we witness a budding champion on a tennis court making his opponent bleed, before he claims victory. Jangsher Singh, now the pride of his grandfather, the asset of his mother and the love of his girlfreind Sally; is the wild card entry from India into the Grand Slam held at Australia. 

On a parallel lane two Indian cousins Yug and Aman, get on a weekend getaway to watch the finals of the Grand Slam in a very expensive, borrowed Audi R8, aptly called "Flame". What they get into is a greater adventure as upon collision with a goon, on the way, they loose the car to him. On one hand the car which is to be returned to their owner, on another the goon wishes to extort money, creating a walk on a tightrope situation. However, being from a country where crisis drives innovation they make a plan to rescue them both. As always will their plans lead them to a greater action than the one they plan? 

When I picked up this book I thought it was the story of man hailing from India, with his own demons, past, trying to make it big in the world of sports. But right in the beginning, I was glued by the writing style which is very unique, surprisingly from a first time writer. If I can justify describing it, there is a zing to it much like what a story such as this would need; preventing it from being "just another book" and not sporting enough to get you interested in to the story and with a backdrop that is "tennis". The amalgamation of the language especially in the Aman-Yug -Gangster story with Jangsher facing the greatest world champions of grandslam makes a concoction that makes you ask "what next" through each chapter.

A lot of books that we read ask us many questions, some question our very own identity, however a few stories are a mirror that move so close as if to reflect our life, our demons and the way they influence our present. This book is sure to give you such moments. The best part about this book is a glamour free, garbage free, realistic picturization of the challenge as Jangsher moves from being considered as "just the wild card" to "he who must be feared, his demons were the ones within him and not the ones outside. They say some demons always stay and I am sure every reader reading this book will identify more with the person that is Jangshersingh than the player, for many times while facing tough times you would have gone through the same visions, phenomenons that he battles. Will he win over them? Over the current ones? Will he be a champion inside-out? Well go read the book for that.

The story in essence is entertaining, writing witty, engaging and insightful and the editing crisp making it simply difficult to put down. by Vishal Bhatia a book for everyone. A must read for those who savor the variety in the style of the written word. Vishal Bhatia definitely a budding writer to watch out for. 

Rating: 4/5.

About The Author: Vishal Bhatia lives and writes in Mumbai, India, where he manages a small portfolio of funds and is running a start-up focused on men’s lifestyle products. In his previous life, he was an IT consultant at banks in San Francisco and Sydney.

JANGSHERSINGH.COM is his first novel. He is working on his second—A memoir—about his journey from heart failure to supreme fitness.
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