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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Educate Your Daughter Series: Part 1: The Wish Unfulfilled

I sometimes wish to be that person who was not worldly wise,
the girl whose world began through the lanes within her eyes,
the one who could dance to any tune anywhere,
the one who would do all she dares,
Without ever bothering to care,
the one who wishes to run faster than a man,
the one who would carry her own last name,
One whom parents would look upto,
Probably trade off their sons for,
I wish to be light like a butterfly,
My wings all coloured by my desires as I set my flight,
I wish to jump cities, countries, continents and planets,
I wish to be the pride of my people
But alas,
today I was stopped from going to school,
my brother is the preferred child,
and I am the burden that will suffer probably till I die,
For my wings are clipped and hands tied.

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