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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Review: The Suicide Diary by Hari Prasad

Title: The Suicide Diary
Author: Hari Prasad
Publisher: Lifi Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
Date:  2015
Price: Rs.250
Pages: 258

As an continues to be the slave of his own needs and desires, ones that are only fueled by achievements , any get bogged down by the vicissitudes of the way the world operates. A lot of our stories now-a-days therefore revolve around the rules of the an made concrete jungle and its definition of success. However it is still a jungle and the predator thrives on the prey, though not literally but yet aggressive enough to drive the prey to a saturation point. There are various side effects to this disorder, one you saw was a man metamorphosing into a boring person played effectively by Ranbir Kapoor in the film aptly entitled Tamasha - meaning a scene/play. The other end point where it can lead to is the story written by Hari Prasad.

When I read the book blurb I was sure it was a melancholic story of some person, caught in the 21st century routine when his soul belonged to another era and his rants leading upto suicide, but my assumption vanished in the first paragraph where the lead character describes his condition, something like writing a suicide note. The writing was poetry. It invoked the departed souls of literary geniuses like Holmes, it was an avid readers Suicide diary, hence it had to be laced with the greatest philosophies and poetry of all times. The entire tone of the book is set in this melancholic - poetic mode of expression, which makes the reader not just understand but feel each scratch on the characters soul. 

His characters are poetic and their descriptions inspired by the protagonists favorite works.
His vision, actions, psychotic nature all comes alive powerfully like a painting in those pages drawn only with the style in which the author strings his words.

They say a good book is that where you feel sadness when it ends, I felt more for this one. Not just the characters but ore than that the writing. This is certainly the most mature and beautiful peace of work fro a very young writer and one of the best books I have ever read and reviewed.

If you miss this one you are missing a good work of literature in your lifetime!

Rating: 4.5/5. I would read everything the writer ever scribbled on a peace of paper, he is certainly one that shall win accolades for this nation . Don't think just click the buy now link.

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