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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lets Map A City Via Its Life - The People With Nisha Nair Gupta

How do you know about a city? You map it on the atlas, perhaps read about it in encyclopedia, history books or travelogues,if you really fall in love with it you may visit it for a few days and look at the popular places and explore some local cuisine if you are a foodie. And that's that. But take a moment to think harder "is this truly knowing a city?"

                              image courtesy:

Go a step further now and think about the very city you live in. Whether you were born here or migrated for education or job, how much and how closely have you known it? That tea seller whose stall you frequent every day for the kick of a cutting-chai, do you think his view of the city is the same as yours?

One person thought differently and she started mapping a city via what really makes it one "its people". There is so much more to city than just the standing architectural giants or mouth-watering delicacies. Their lives join to make its history and its tomorrow. A city is like a giant organism made from all of us that live in it; it eats, sleeps and has a feel of its own, its own charm and its own troubles. This is how Nisha Nair Gupta created the idea of "The People Place Project" which is as you would have gathered by now knowing a place through the lives of its people.

In 2014 she created a team of 10 architectural interns at Design Variable Architecture Studio who visited various corners of their city "Mumbai"and brought out stories of varied lives at all locales from malls to railway stations, forgotten temples to office lobbies, underground cafes to living rooms of homes. Being a migrant city the conversations began with the question-‘How did you come to Mumbai?’ followed by the story of various things falling into place to finally calling it home. 55 best stories from this exercise have now been selected into making of the book called "People Called Mumbai".  The stories are those of a variety of people each a unique hero/heroine on their own, like a photographer at Juhu Chowpatty who doubles up as a life guard, a businessman dealing with beads in Bhuleshwar who came to the city to fulfill his dreams, a stranded tourist now riding horse carriages, a Bollywood ‘duplicate’, a migrant who runs the city’s only Tibetian restaurant, an artist on the pavements of Kalaghoda, a Japanese Buddhist monk, Jiniben – relaxing on a cot at Kumbharwada, a social activist of unusual sorts operating at a mela near Nariman point or a Brazilian martial art expert. 

The curiosity to look at a city closely now grows and they wish to map the life of Ahmedabad, Shillong, Kochi and Dubai. It being a greater task they now have decided to go for crowd funding with Wishberry. This is also an exciting opportunity for us, the people whose stories they tell to be a part of the project. The amount you pledge will be used for curating the stories, managing the team, getting it published and distributed. The precise statistics are shown in the figure below:

Whats more? unlike the crowdfunding projects you have funded so far your contribution is not just one time bank transfer but the team will send you postcards, book copies, bookmarks and other cool stationary along with acknowledging your contribution in the resulting books. You can begin by donating as least as INR 51 (much less than your movie tickets) and join the project here: 

So be a part of this amazing project today and know a just not a city but its life. To know more about the project and its team log on to :


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