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Friday, June 3, 2016

Redi Go- Fun Freedom Confidence

As far as technology is concerned Japan is one of the leading players. Their products stand as a mark of amalgamation of technology and durability. Therefore when a new car is launched which fits y idea of size, comfort and budget I can easily vouch for DATSUN - rediGo. 

I have loved the car overall but to su it up, here are its key, irresistible features that draw me towards it:

1. Design:  A man's first impression sometimes is by the car he drives. On these lines, its critical that your car looks as smart as you are. The DATSUN-redi_GO is a non bulky car and that is very important these days in metro cities. A larger car only means more tie would be spent evading traffic. The car has a sexy design both on the outside as well as inside. It is sleek and yet has a sporty, steely, racer car look that makes you just set and fix your gaze upon it. The hint of silver on the sides accentuates its robust feel. 

The Stylish Exterior

                                                                 The Feel of Steel

The look is not just limited to the outside, inside its plush seats are made of sports fabric and have a comfortable and spacious arrangement for the entire family.

                                                            The Plush Interiors

2. Computerized Display and Superior Air Conditioning: The computerized digital display allows one to fine tune the speeds and keep a fir check on the amount of fuel consumed well in advance. One can also modulate the indicators to from average to maximum performance levels depending upon the terrain one is riding in.

                                                                 Digital Display

                                                 Performance Control Ability

The other problem with all cars is their air conditioning is really not that great. It takes half an hour for the interiors to cool, by which one has already reached ones destination. Considering this car has a turbo 89 CC compressor we expect better, faster and longer cooling in the car, especially in Indian summers which is the utmost need.

3. Protection: The rate at which accidents happen sometimes one is at risk because of other people’s rash driving as well. Therefore the more dearer your life is to you, the safer a car one has to choose. Considering this into account this car has various features that gives it shock absorbers at multiple check points ensuring safety for both the driver and the occupants. Firstly there is an entire crash protecting shell. There is an energy absorbing steering and airbag and force absorbing bolster support. Also performance augmented brakes ensure safe brakes at shorter distance. 

                                               Energy Absorbing Steering and Airbag

                                                       Crash Protection Shell 

If I have to  test the car I would love to do it in Bangaluru traffic. Coming to reason why does anybody buy a small car? For it to be safe and wrap around you , plus you can squeeze in between the spaces. The worst traffic in any metro city in India is found in Bengaluru. The distance of bare few kilometers takes hours to be covered. One is simply exhausted by driving through it, ore than what one is over a demanding day at work. Therefore if it is really size meets comfort one should be able to drive it through Bengaluru traffic, the litmus test for the car. 
In conclusion, it all redi-GO is all about "Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback."

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