Monday, October 10, 2016

Poetry : No More

He said today he loved me more,
Two more words to what he had once whispered softly in my ears,
A little afraid, a little unsure of my reaction,
He held his beating heart out for me,
He held it till I calmed it with a kiss,
It was I who made the first move,
Sensing his agony and that of my heart which went berserk,
Three honeyed words, the softest and yet the exilir of my life,
Three words in which my cosmos wrapped itself,
Blending into the new galaxy called love,
I could see only him, always him,
For just him was enough,
I dissolved my existence into him,
We had blended into us,
His glories my crown, his wounds my kisses,
I thought I could love him for eons, for this emotion in my heart was purest of all,
Of every little thing I felt, he mattered the most and today after just a few years, his words again changed it all,
The words were lesser, so we're his feelings,
And he exits from my cosmos with just two more.

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