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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Author Interview: Gaurav Sharma

In our attempt to showcase young writers we bring to you a candid conversation with Gaurav Sharma, a nascent writer whose debut book "Gone are the Days" has been recently published. Know his creativity, writing and upcoming work in the conversation that took place here: 

 Q.    What does writing mean to you?
A: Well…there is no simple answer to this question. I am reserved in nature and have very few people whom I can call ‘friends’. Not every person I know deserves to be my friend as some of them are dangerously stupid, some are over-smart, some have their own hidden motives behind their friendships, while some are genuine but not compatible with me. There are few others as well who, according to me are beyond my reach and are overqualified to be my friends. I often keep myself from approaching them as I know it will be hard for me to keep up to their expectations. In a nutshell, it is tough to get along with me. That is why I write. Writing is more of a need for me. It is the best way for me to channelize my thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas into creating something. Moreover, nobody tells me what to do in my book. I can do whatever I wish and to whomever I want.

      Q. Tell us a little bit about your current book?
A: ‘Gone are the Days’ is my recently published book. It has been published by Kalpaz Publications and Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd. Is responsible for its distribution. This is my debut novel (autobiographical fiction). Prior to this, I wrote three textbooks related to journalism and mass communication. Since I had no experience and exact idea about what it takes to write a fiction, I decided to proceed with my own story. After all, I could only experiment with my life and see how good I am at writing novels.

      Q. How did its characters, story etc. form?
A: ‘Gone are the Days’ is based on a true story fabricated with fiction. Its characters are inspired by the people who held remarkable (both good and bad) impact in my life. I recalled my memories form the past and spiced them up with some fictitious content.

Q. Were there any difficulties in writing the book? How did you solve them?
A: I wish I could say ‘No’ as my answer to this question. Sadly, I had loads of hurdles in my way. The most common and frequent difficulty was to keep up with studies, my job, other random stuff and writing, all at once. Another challenge was to keep myself motivated to write and keep my story proceeding in a way so that youth can relate to it.

Q.    How do you balance your day job with writing?
A: I live in Canada (as of now). Life has become quite challenging here. Despite being all by myself here, I somehow manage to withdraw some time for writing. The amount of time I withdraw for writing is becoming shorter day-by-day, I admit.

Q:  You have put a disclaimer at the beginning of the book about using inappropriate language, knowing it could be distasteful why did you still decide to go with it?
A: Oh yes! That disclaimer was a must for my book. I had to caution my readers. Even though the majority people think of ‘those’ words and use them frequently in their daily lives, it remains a taboo in our society. People should understand that swearing is just another way to release stress and frustration. The way and context in which it has been said should matter. It does not always demean someone or disrespect someone’s feelings. And I would not term it as inappropriate language. Rather, I would call it an appropriate language with some powerful slangs people fear to use openly so as to maintain their decent image in front of other people who do not care at all.

      Q: What’s your next book about?
A: My next book is a mythological fiction. ‘God of the Sullied’ will be the title. This book is centered around the evil happening in Kaliyuga and its impact on the world. The book portrays a story of a child who under the influence of Kaliyuga faces a huge turbulence in his life. This ultimately makes him an atheist and his search for the truth begins.
This book shall be published in less than a year from now in all likelihood.

      Q: Your favorite books/writers?
A: I always appreciate the works of my fellow ‘author’ friends, colleagues and teachers. I wish their skills and talent could be recognized on a larger platform. Somehow we all are in struggling phase of our writing career. Not exactly career, though, I mean who writes to earn money these days. It is becoming next to impossible to get published under a big brand like Penguin or Harper Collins.

‘Orphans of the Storm’ by Dr Ravi Dhar, ‘Blue Bangles’ by SomayaIqubal Khan and ‘Handbook of Print Journalism’ by Priscilla Paul are some of the works I admire. Apart from that, my own work motivates me to do more of it.

Q. Your favorite lines from a book?
A: “We middle class people are all same from inside. First things first, I logged into my Facebook account and checked-in there as well. You know what, it is more important to check-in on Facebook than it is to check-in for real at the airport. Let the world which gives zero fucks to what you are doing with your life, know you can afford a plane ticket for economy class. Right?” – Excerpt from ‘Gone are the Days’.

Q.    In dark times how do you motivate yourself?
A: It seems that my bad time is the only friend of mine. It stays with me always. To keep an edge over dark times I imagine the end result of my work, be it studying, working, writing or anything else. For example, to keep myself motivated to write I imagine how would I feel when I get my manuscript published and hold that book in my hands. This inspires me and rejuvenates my will to write.

      Q. Your hobbies…
A: I like to listen and keep as quiet as possible. I like to eat different types of vegetarian foods. Besides, I like to run and listen to the music. Travelling and writing are my hobbies as well. Not having enough money to travel and enough time to write is a different story, though.

            Q.    In one line you can be described as…
A: I am raw.

      Q. A few words for The Readers Cosmos…
A: It is a good platform for budding writers to learn from other writers and stay up to date with what is going on in writing world. Apart from that, one can promote his/her work. The creator of The Readers Cosmos is certainly doing a great job.

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