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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Aqson Level 1 by Sreejib

Title: Aqson Level 1

Author: Sreejib 
Publisher:  Notion Press

Genre: Fiction(fantasy)

Date:  2016

Price: INR 1520

Pages: 428

Aqson level 1 is the story of a game, not just an ordinary one, this one has people and their lives. The concept is derived from the age old battle between God and Devil, as you can see from the cover page it self. However the writer doesn't present these characters in their original forms we know two well and have read a lot about. You can say these are the modernized versions of these characters, fit for a futuristic world, a timeline in which these events are set (a feeling you got while you saw the all new Sherlock with technology). Nothing is black or white here as you know in the traditional sense here, its all grey.

The story is further made more interesting with the political flavoring of some of the lead characters. The book during some phases therefore gives the reader a high like that by Ashwin Sanghi's best book so far "Chanakya's Chant." The writer doesn't stop here and further fuses with it the troubles of youth and the nation as the backdrop, which becomes a great concoction to keep the reader hooked. While retaining her strong hold on the hint of humor that comes flawlessly in her writing she also discusses on the issues prevalent, despite the story being fictional. A lot of her effort goes into character building for this book is just the level one but it serves its purpose, for they remain etched in your memory, a critical component of any series. In summation though the genre is fantasy fiction , the characters are more real and that aids the reader in relating to them instantaneously. The parallel however unlike Sanghi's book is not with past and present of characters and politics but the layers in which the game and the lives of its players effect the outcome. The fate of players in one realm decide the fate of a nation, for the challenge being "who becomes the prime -minster?" has been and will always be of utmost interest in the context of Indian politics.

In summation the writer has chosen a very daring concoction of fantasy base amalgamated with reality and served with a strong political flavor. For any debut writer this is a feat unattainable. The editing though could be better at places but this is superseded by the writers easy flow of language and an effortless addition of humor like icing on top of an already delicious cake. All in all a book series to look forward to from our own nation.

Rating: 4/5
    About the Author:
Koel Ganguli chose Sreejib as her pseudonym because it is her husband's name. Sreejib got diagnosed with blood cancer in 2014 and passed away the same year. Koel had started writing Aqson in 2013. Sreejib loved the story and would always encourage the lazy author to write. He had promised her, if she completed the book, he would finance it. She completed writing Aqson Level I in 2016 and, he kept his promise. Koel was born and brought up in Kolkata. After completing Mass Communication, she got into content writing. Apart from her love for writing, she likes to read, travel alone and of course, sleep. She has the superpower to survive solely on chocolates and is a firm believer in fantasy.  Koel also believes that stories choose writers and not the other way around. Here is a fantasy that chose her as its storyteller.

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