Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bricks of Blood by Ashraf Engineer

Title:  Bricks of Blood
Author: Ashraf Enginner
Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Genre: Fiction

Date:  2017

Price: INR 100

Pages: 77

This is the story of a commando who takes an early exit from the army upon his fathers death, to fulfill his last wishe of taking care orphans in the home they built. The story begins with a conflict with the local goon turned politician Vasant, who wants to confiscate their home as happens with localities developing into posh areas within Mumbai. 

What then continues is a chase to death between the two where only one shall remain. Who will it be? Well read the book for that.

The writer has infused a love story to make things lighter. Love that comes as a breath of fresh air amongst the race, darkness of real life and fast paced action. As the story swings back and forth between past and present the character, the situations become clearer. 

The language is good, the editing crisp and story extremely fast paced. Coming to the plot, the major lacunae is the fact that, author spends too little time on developing the characters of the story, which only grow in bits and pieces in the mind of reader who has to fix an image from the jig saw puzzle of events throughout the story. This is true for each character. Considering that book is rather short a few additions in doing justice to it would have been ideal. The book is too fast paced, where the reader sometimes is kept wondering again courtesy poor character development.

Good for a fast paced action read on a journey. 

Rating: 2.5/5

About The Author: Ashraf Engineer is a former journalist. For more than 16 years, he worked with some of India’s leading media houses and handled a variety of assignments in their newsrooms. In 2011, he took leave of absence to travel to Kabul, Afghanistan, to train journalists there. Later that year, upon his return to Mumbai, Ashraf moved to the corporate sector as a content and insights specialist, going on to become a consultant in the communication and marketing space. He lives in Mumbai. This book is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Write to him at He tweets at @AshrafEngineer.

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