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Monday, August 21, 2017

Balraj by Manoj V. Jain

Title: Balraj
Author: Manoj V Jain
Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Fiction

Date:  2017

Price: INR 195/99 (kindle)

Pages: 150

This is the story of a man in his late forties, Inder, who has a decent lifestyle, having worked hard for it all his life but lacks fulfillment. He is in the middle of his life, the age where ones son has started working and one has a stable finance, yet life lacks satisfaction for there is an accumulation of all that was not done. All that was supposed to be different but it isn't. Like many of us at various stages of our lives, he too ponders over the roads not taken and the journeys not made, albeit too seriously. Then one day he just decides to take the plunge and go on those roads, he never knew existed with some planning ad some serendipity. The entire story is about his confusion, thoughts, journey and experiences.

The book is written in a very simple, lucid style. The first few chapters sketch the characters very effectively and one is able to visualize the events as they happen. This is where the book passes its first test of engaging the audience well. Beyond those words that the author has used to describe the feelings of the central character, one actually begins to live and think as him and this makes the reader travel with Balraj and take the journey. The book is not very heavy on philosophy as one might expect but it is just an alternate life path that the author paints for us to imagine and relish more than think. The reader lives more than thinks which is the best part of this book.

Does Balraj reach a destination? You have to read the book for that. Though I found the writer getting a little bold in the end with un-realistic almost bollywood movie ending, which was a downhill experience to this otherwise interesting pursuit.

Overall a good read, recommended especially for the journey he takes.

Rating: 3.5/5

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