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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Book Review: Kaavi-Khayalon Se Shabdon Tak by Rahul Yadav

Title: Kaavi-Khayalon Se Shabdon Tak                      
Author: Rahul Yadav
Category: Poetry (Hindi)
Publisher: Notion Press
Price: 120 (Kindle edition)
Pages: 70

Please note: This is a poetry book written in Hindi.

The collection Kavi comprises of a range of poems that is not based on a single theme but is a collective on the topics that touch the poets heart. There are issues like Kashmir, facts and mostly emotions that he has chosen to write on, and I believe for a more emphatic expression of his simplistic thoughts chosen the medium of poetry. As I firmly believe that a poetry book should be on a single theme or divided into sub-sections with different themes, taking the reader in sync with the zone the poet wishes to describe; this changing of topics from one poetry to another comes not as a comfortable one.

Coming to the poetry, all his thoughts are simplistic in nature and expressed in a very simple language. The complexity of the subject matter is brought about however in bluntly stating the illogical or questioning like an innocent child a tradition, which hits the bulls eye of ones emotional being. My most favorite from all the poems in this collection was the first one titled "lafza". Lafza meaning words, words that comprise this poetry, ironically question their existence, invention, utility. The writer gives his signature simplistic examples and puts his questions so easily as if they should be everyone's. These questions when put make you ponder and mull before you go to the next. 

The other set of issues that the poet deals greatly with is "life of a woman". He aces in the understanding of their life, plight and their subdued treatment, that of an inferior sex. His heart wrenching remark ending in "Arushi and Nirbhaya, names a mother would never want for a daughter" is ironically so correct that it numbs the reader. 

A majority of poems are centered around relationships, emotions of love, togetherness and separation. All in all it is a roller coaster ride through the myriad pf poets thoughts, simply and effectively expressed in poetry, a fate prose cannot dare.

RC Rating. 3.5/5 Recommended Read.

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