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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Another Week Full of Humans!!!!

I am confused. Should I feel secure for I am no more an innocent child of eight and thus am incapable of arousing heinous barbaric minds? Or should I still be anxious for I continue to be a woman?

Humans, unlike dinosaurs or our other fellow world mates who failed to adjust with evolution, have mastered the art of survival. Have you ever wondered how they are doing this? Species are coming... species are going... humans stay put. Marvellous! Right? Wrong.

I have a theory. I am no Darwin but if Charles were here, he would second my discovery, I assure you. Humans are gone. What you see now is an evolved form of that species which may look and act like humans, but is something else. Dystopia has silently hit us. I say, start packing for mars.     

The other day I was riding back home in a cab while listening to the radio. These days’ cabs are the only place where I listen to the radio, need to work on that. Anyhow, during that ride I heard this news of extreme elephant poaching in Africa for ivory trade. This slaughter has reduced the count of elephants by alarming numbers.

I have resolved to never buy anything ivory ever. I strongly urge you to do that as well. I mean, it is okay if you do not have someone’s teeth hanging around your neck or sitting on your mantle.

While elephants are being killed for their teeth, back home Rahul Gandhi has opened his mouth, again. He has decided to impeach our CJI just before the final leg of the “I-don’t-care-just-build-an-amusement-park-over-that-piece-of-land” Babri case. If there is one person who holds the power of my sanity, it is Mr. Gandhi. I think, like Einstein, Mr. Gandhi’s brain should also be preserved and studied. Just a suggestion!

Here in Kolkata, happily oblivious of the world, some of my human friends are extremely worried about Shahrukh Khan’s health. Apparently in an IPL match he looked starved and flogged. When you buy a team composition like current KKR’s, you may look a bit tan. The relief is that KKR has picked their game up so Mr. Khan, I am sure, is fine.  

Amidst all, I am not going to refer to the Kathua case because it’s heartbreaking to even write about it. But playing politics-politics with the Kathua case is beyond repulsive. A little girl went through what she did, in a civilised society, by people who claim to be human representatives, and the religious-politics surrounding it, I am ashamed. Being an atheist I simply do not bother for religion, but even I believe that this is the deepest it could stoop to.

I am sure all of you have signed the ‘Justice for Asifa’ petition doing the rounds. If you haven’t yet, then please do it now. 

Here is the link:

Will get back with more update on humans, till then, keep your zombie kit closer. 

Article by Koel Ganguli: 

Koel was born and brought up in Kolkata. After completing Mass Communication, she got into content writing. Apart from her love for writing, she likes to read, travel alone and of course, sleep. She has the superpower to survive solely on chocolates and is a firm believer in fantasy. Koel also believes that stories choose writers and not the other way around. Here is a fantasy that chose her as its storyteller.

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