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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Book Review: Ira Ki Kahaniyan by Pranav

Title:  Ira Ki Kahaniyaan
Author: Pranav
Category: Children's poetry (Hindi).
Publisher: Notion Press
Price: 150 INR
Pages: 58

Snapshot: This book is about important life concepts for children, presented in a simple poetic manner which makes it fun to learn. A book to bond with your child while you teach them values of life.

Detailed Review:  The author Pranav in the prologue mentions how he upon being a father discovered how beautiful, simple and interesting childhood is. The essence of this simplicity is lost in adulthood and he created this book while re-living his childhood with his daughter, to share with her the values, lessons and essence of life he wants to share with his daughter.

India is a land of tales. My favourite one has been The Panchatantra Fables, as they via the lives of people and animals taught critical lessons, in the most emphatic manner. Some of these lessons when they appear to be true in my adulthood now, I am simply delighted to reconnect it with the tales of my blissful days.

On similar lines via a poetic approach, with the central characters being Ira - a little girl, a bear, Chimpu - the mouse, Gillu- the squirrel, etc. Pranav, creates vivid tales. Each of these poems has a beautiful lesson, one aimed to create a value in the fertile mind of the child. Be it learning from elders, working hard to earn your bread, living in harmony with each other to national pride.

The one which touched me the most, a lesson we forget as adults "Har Din Khaas Hai/ Each Day Is Special". The first four lines itself will have that impact on your mind...

These four lines made me think, aren't these lines we as adults should also live by? This book for me stopped becoming a children's book at this point and I believe there are simple concepts this book brings to limelight which we, the adults, should also learn to live by.

Protecting planet earth is going to be the greatest challenge the coming generations will face and therefore I was extremely pleased to have a poetry on saving forests entitled as "Jungle Hai Jeevan/ Forests Are Life" ...

These poems written in a simple manner in Hindi (with some English words which are a part of the language an average Indian household communicates in)  are an excellent read for your bonding time with your child. Even if you don't have a child, I would suggest even you pick it up for it will have those simple lessons of life you forgot in the rat race.

If you have a child in your family, this is your book for him/her. There is a bonus colouring book at the end, with interesting sequences from stories within, such as these...

RC Rating: 4.5/5. A simple and beautiful book from Pranav, hoping for more. 

This is a book for every child.

About the author: Pranav completed a Masters in Sociology followed by which he went on to do an MBA. For the last fourteen years he has been working in the development sector, trying to find answers and solutions to social problems. Ira ki Kahaniyan is his first book.

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