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Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review: Little Maryam By Hamid Baig

Title: Little Maryam
Author: Hamid Baig
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Notion Press
Price: 225
 Pages: 285

Snapshot- A Nobel Prize winner, Saadiq in(famous) for his sour temper and indulgence with women is on his way to India when an American Journalist, Anne catches hold of him hoping to dig the story that could shoot up her career. On the tumultuous plane ride Anne finds out that behind the mysterious demeanor of Saadiq is a story of struggle and heartbreak. Why was Saadiq going to India after almost 20 years? Was his journey going to end the way he expected?

Detailed Review - The prodigy from a poor household falls in love with Maryam who is 6 years younger than him and the daughter of the rich employer of his father. The story initially revolves around their childhood, teenage and early adulthood, obsession and preoccupation with each other when a twist of events lands Saadiq in jail. While he is there his father dies, the love of his life is married- basically all his world is destroyed. When he gets out, the prodigy he was, he easily makes his way through colleges then Harvard then goes on to win the Nobel Prize. It’s been 20 years and one day he gets a call from India about Marayam. This marks the beginning of another journey. What awaits him? Will he find his hearts desires or will life play another game with him?
To begin with the positives, the story is written in a simple language, not too difficult to understand and the author hasn't used exaggerated vocabulary anywhere. Also a lot of jargon is avoided, which appeals to the masses, as even though the protagonist is a Nobel Prize winner, the author doesn't bore you with intensive or needless science stuff.
The ups and downs of the story, its extremes, the good and the bad happenings with the central characters seem more Bollywood in nature than closer to real life. The suspense building in this genre is the most critical element of the book. However, a very patterned writing makes a reader anticipate the next part of the plot 50 pages in advance, which kind of takes away the essence of the process. The entire attempt to create a larger than life protagonist is never a great idea for a book.
There are very visible editorial errors, especially in the latter half of the book. It seems as if the last 100 pages were published without edition. The publishers could have done better justice to the writing by getting the editing correct.

RC Rating- 2/5. For a light, Bollywood movie kind of read.

About the author: Hamid runs a market research company which provides customer insights to big names in the industry. He is an avid reader who enjoys traveling, food and reading. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and 2 kids.

Grab a copy here:

Book Reviewed by Shreya Chauhan: Shreya is a literature student. She is an avid reader and gorges on Romantic poetry. Gothic fiction really intrigues her, so does Greek. She likes reading more than writing and believe words have the power to kill if used (in) appropriately.

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