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Friday, December 21, 2018

Book Review: Infin-Eight by Prajeet Budhale

Title: Infin-Eight

Author: Prajeet Budhale

Publisher: Fingerprint Publishers

Genre: Self help

Date:  2018

Price: INR 177/ Free on kindle unlimited

Pages: 156

Snapshot: This is a self help, exercise based, workbook for your professional goals. Pick it up when you think you aren't able to achieve your professional goals and want to make major changes to improve upon it. 

The Review:  The writer begins with making you enlist your core characteristics, words that you can define yourself by or the world around you does. These words he believes is your core nature, irrespective of your nurture , household, etc. These are the characteristics that define you while making major decisions, ones relating to marriage, career choices, etc. He then suggests that you choose your career not on the basis of what is popular but  based on your core competencies. For eg. A fast paced person is better off in aggressive environments. The reason implied is one can be naturally successful here.

Then he urges the reader via multiple Q& A exercises on strategies to devise goals and meet them. For in the writer's own words; "without an objective, one is at best in a soccer field without a goal post", making life kite like, driven by the wind, not by ambition or aspirations. Apart from breaking the goal he also stresses on investing in eternal factors that affect ones success, these days which is "networking" and advises on strategies for the same. Lastly also touches upon methods of evaluating progress and maintaining emotional balance as well as predicting and managing burnout.

Pros: Every chapter begins with a very good story written in "Dr. Spencer Johnson" style (renowned writer of Who Moved my Cheese), which makes the reader gear up for the set of contents next. The book is to the point and the exercises are really helpful. I personally spent more than 8 days in going through the complete evaluation process that the book offered to see for myself if it really works. I am a critical analyst of my professional goals and progress, but this book gave me additional pointers to plan and consider, honing my analysis of self and hopefully the progress. The exercises are really useful and I urge the readers to do it with utmost sincerity for best results.

The book is not at all preachy or goes on and on about the same thing, like most self help books do, which is one major reason to pick it up.

Cons:  The examples at many places are not appropriate for the point to be explained and much better examples could have been used (especially the Interdependent partnerships chapter). Also all the examples are for people in regular jobs or still studying, a person of innovation aiming to startup cannot relate to many of them. Nor are the examples of great stalwarts which might motivate an individual further.

Conclusion:  If you are a person that goes with the wind and haven't really been analytical about your goals, often wondering what went wrong, this book is a good place to start, especially answering all the exercise questions in all honesty.

Though the book says it is for professional success management, one can use the same questions or slightly modify many sections and design to craft their personal life goals as well.

Overall a book to start with on the journey to your professional development.

RC Rating : 4/5

    About the Author: 

Prajeet Budhale is a certified coach from the International Coaching Federation (ACC ICF) with twenty-two years’ experience in leadership, sales, sales management, customer service, operations and consulting. He has a post-graduate certification from XLRI and a Masters in Psychology. 

Prajeet has worked with over 150 national and international organizations and 40, 000 professionals from more than 20 countries, using his consulting, coaching and training experience to help them enhance profits and productivity. He runs a successful enterprise that specializes in bringing ROI (Return on Investments) through Consulting and Training.
Infin - Eight is the result of his research and work to define denominators which bring professional success. It encompasses his learning and insights from working with innumerable professionals with varied backgrounds from different business sectors.

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