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Monday, December 24, 2018

Want to know what to read next? Try Book Summaries...

One quote every reader lives by today is from the popular writer of the Game of Thrones (series -television)/ A Song of Ice and Fire (series - books) has said:

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, 
while the man who doesn't lives only one."

Those of us who read, therefore wish to read even more. For that is one way to increase one's knowledge and grow as a person. However the outcome of hours invested in the process depends on one thing- the books you read.

Very much like your IQ and success are an average of the people you surround yourself with, same is true for the books. We often rely on 'word of mouth" and sometimes on social media posts of our connections for the next book recommendation, however it is not necessary that what one person finds useful the other person too. One might be having a very different mindset, life situation or simply a taste in what one likes to achieve 100% success in going by the other persons choices. So mulling on this problem, I tried a variety of approaches and the one that has worked for me are "book summaries".

These are not review of the books but a unbiased, plain presentation of what the book contains in short. So you get a complete idea of what is the scope of the book and what all you can learn from it before you actually invest in buying and reading it. The cherry on top is some of these summaries might in themselves teach you a thing or to. Even if you aren't super interested in a topic or what to delve deeper into it by reading a 400 page book about it, you can easily get acquainted to the domain knowledge by just going through its summary. For many self help book I have even found that the summary itself is sufficient and covers all you must know in the domain the book is dealing with. The come in both audio and reading formats so you can tune into them even when you are commuting or as I often use them, while doing mundane household chores.

"How to best do it?" comes the next question. So there are many apps on the market, which are not affordable for students /young professionals such as myself in developing nations. While browsing through however I can across a made in India product and to my delight they had a lot of book summaries, many of them free. The app is called "Bookbhook" which literally translates into "hunger for books" which is apt.

Here are some popular Indian and international titles have have summarised on the app.

They have about 200 plus book summaries and they add 4 new every week!!!

 Some of the best sellers that were free and caught my eye are:

Global Best Seller since years: Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

They also have books for parents like- Exam Warriors written by Narendra Modi, which has been a best seller in 2018. 

 Or for leaders who want to grow with ancient Indian wisdom- like Devdutt Pattnaik's - The Leadership Sutra

Even the ones that aren't free cost you only 30 Indian rupees. They also list the details of how long will it take for you to go through the summary and eventually if you decide to to read the entire book, even that.

Check out these titles by Simon Sinek or the much loved Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Lastly the best thing I found was their subscription plans which are cheaper than any other book summary app in the market which is about INR 111 per month for a 3 months plan and less than INR 100 for 6 months plan. That's practically cheaper than the coffee you have at a coffee house!!! So wont you invest in knowledge that will help you long term?

 That is not all, they have a cherry on top. Two more sections, Book chat summaries on topics that might interest you (a first time experiment as I have not seen this anywhere earlier) and a micro learning feature where there is concentrated knowledge on topics that a reader would definitely be interested in.

So want to be smarter in how you pick up the next book? Download the Bookbhook app here (available for both android and ios:

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