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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post 7: Book Review 6: Chanakyas Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

If you are wondering that in the middle of all the pile of books that begin with the word " Chanakya", are full his quotes followed by paragraphs of interpretation......well certainly this one is not! In fact someone willing to read about Chankya's life and his principles in practice being told as a story this one is a must grab.

The essence of the book lies in the fact that it is a story not only about "The Chankya" but the fact that his principles work even today practically is proven by a parallel story of a man who from a simple clerk rises to the epitome of Indian politics. As "Chanakya" was the master mind in that era, winning every battle with brains and not swords; his ways seem to perfectly fit after centuries as the same strategies are employed by the 21st century Chanakya.
The story is great. The best part is both the stories move so well parallely that one simply loves the flow. The language is good and one really needs this level of authors to write about historical figures. Ashwin takes you to that era and brings you back smoothly. The plots are very good.The writing is perfect!
In short, great story, well written, gripping and must read. Ashwin Sanghi surely is one of thr "GOOD" authors in India and he justifies the iconic character he writes about, most important in my opinion when one writes about " The Chanakya"
If you havent yet, do read it now!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Post 6: Book Review 5: Dreams in Prussian Paritosh Uttam

Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam

Looking for a quick read, a good story, but not a big novel? Try Metro reads short novels they are just what you need! I was very happy to see these since a lot of people in my network want to read but donot have patience for fat novels. This was the first one i read especially because the very first page gripped me.

Is love always perfect and beautiful? We always imagine so as literature is full of romeo and juliet stories since forever, but does that happen to everyone? No, and there are many such of them depicted through this story.
It ofcourse is a story of a couple, met each other in college, fall in low, parents displeased so start living in. The girl too much for the love of her life leaves her ambition behind and becomes the man of the house as the guy is more off to realize his dream of being a painter. She believes in his passion but is put off by his carelessness as the reality starts biting. Money, life, fun etc. starts becoming important problems as the man just fails to realize. Just the day she tries her last of multiple uncountable tries to get his carrier set, he meets with an accident and looses sight. Now the option of leaving him ends, and life is bit by bitter realities of daily needs. She does everything for him, even gives up herself in every way as he tries to paint without sight. The problem happens when he discovers in his first successful auction of life, all done by her and their financial crisis finally ending that all his paintings were nothing but BLUE.  He never understands that it was the financial crisis that made her do so. Can such a man be ever loved? Will he change? What happens next? Read it!
A good realistic story! Well written and crisp.

Post 5: Book Review 4: Mistress Of Spices By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Mistress Of Spices.... as the title depicts is the story of a woman who has mastered the art of healing with the knowledge of spices. But this knowledge and her powers to heal the ones in need comes with a condition "never have needs yourself". Her life were "the spices".

A fiction tale that drives you through a phase where she with her power of calling and curiosity is abducted by pirates,but then becomes their queen, befriends snakes of the sea and finally reaches her destiny the island of spices. She loves the spices and they speak to her but the knowledge comes with a price, no desire of ones own, give up ones youth and take up an older body with only one duty to serve.
She accepts it all and decides to serve the people in USA. The story gears up as a conflict starts when she starts falling for an American who visits her. The spices are displeased and the dilemma is what will she choose her life long dream to be loved or her love for the spices and the promise she made with them???
The best part of the book is the lead character. Though she has magical powers, the issues she faces in her childhood being a girl in india, her ego  as she  her hearts desires even after she becomes a mistress and most importantly that urge to help beyond the permitted limit is depicted very well. 
A beautiful journey with the background that could never be more perfect and an unputdownable book! A must read for literary fiction lovers. Divakaruni is a master of story telling.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Post 4: Book Review 3: The Story That Must Not Be Told by Kavery Nambisan

The Story That Must Not Be Told ....the title itself urges one to grab the book, i did grab it because of that and once i started i culdn't put it down. The reason was simple a very real story, one can relate to it, characters well defined and flow is smooth. 

It is a story of a slum in Mumbai adjacent to a rich locality. The story revolves around lives of characters and how the two totally different worlds are co-dependent and influence the lives of each other. The pleasantness gets disrupted as always but some who being too rich want the slum removed. It shows a blend of human categories as there are people who support the existence of the same , realizing how their lives were interdependent and thus the conflict drives the story on....

On the other side the life of people in slum with its own characteristics is portrayed. Read it to get a feel of India that lives in slums. The end is portrayed beautifully with a little flavour of disappointment but at the same time emphasizing a spirit "No matter what life goes on."

About the Author: Kaveri Nambisan is a novelist. She is also a surgeon who practices in rural India. Her career in medicine has been a strong influence in her fiction.

More Books By the author: The Truth About Bharat,  Almost The Scent of Pepper, Mango-coloured fish, On Wings of Butterflies, The Hills of Angheri.

Post 3: Book Review 2: Survival Of the Sickest By Dr. Sharon Moalem

Survival Of the Sickest By Dr. Sharon Moalem

All the science enthusiasts.... when we see diseases around we question: Why do they happen? How to cure it? But have you ever thought If evolution 
was everything that made sense in science "WHY ARE THERE DISEASES AT ALL???"

This book is actually answers that very question for diseases of all kinds right from genetic to pathogen based. It also answers how these got into us into the first place and why evolution that shapes us towards a higher or biologically speaking more robust system couldnt de-select or remove these. A great read to understand how selection works and how we can help ourselves understanding everything (afterall brain development is a sign of higher life form!!! It consumes most of your energy too!). In one line a must read for science enthusiasts and for students of science the moment you feel your medical microbiology textbooks are boring, pick this book and you would love the subject like never before.

A personal note: I am studying host-pathogen interactions in my doctoral research now, i always wanted to cure diseases but this book gave me a lot of curiosity, interest and motivation other than that! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Post 2: Book Review 1: The Palace Of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

A woman, a queen and above alone the heroine that shaped the destiny of our country popularly known as "Panchali" portrayed in her true character. It is basically Mahabharata as seen from Draupadi's perspective. The best part is that all the characters are portrayed in a very human form unlike the godly forms and powers that we heard from grandparents about as we grew up in India. 

The title truly reflects her womanly possessiveness of her home, her palace "The Palace of Illusions". Her journey to loosing it, to the years of exile and finally till the end of the war that changed history cannot be described in a more realistic, lively manner as Chitra Divakaruni has.

Read Mahabharata from a woman's perspective in the most written form ever. A must read!


Post1: My Cosmos....

Hi I am Nimi Vashi. This blog is a reflection of my thoughts, the matrix of my mind......the words that flow out of the milkyway of my cosmos.

Writing is a form of expression that is very satisfying. It amazed me always that, those very words that always clutter the mind form a beautiful poetry of life as they emerge out of the tip of the pen. How beautifully they expressed feelings and since then when i write i feel so much at peace. It can be as i am a very expressive person......

I would be writing about everything in this universe i love to read....books, short stories, articles that had an impact on me. I especially want to write about books, especially the popular science category as there have been a lot of students who have asked me about what actually should they read and i firmly believe that reading these category of books makes one understand and love science more than the boring manner in which it is taught in the class.

For the Non Science people there is going to be a whole lot of other books that i read to keep myself sane...(i am a PhD student i have to try hard for it :P).

Hope you have a great time , each time you are in my cosmos :).