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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Post 6: Book Review 5: Dreams in Prussian Paritosh Uttam

Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam

Looking for a quick read, a good story, but not a big novel? Try Metro reads short novels they are just what you need! I was very happy to see these since a lot of people in my network want to read but donot have patience for fat novels. This was the first one i read especially because the very first page gripped me.

Is love always perfect and beautiful? We always imagine so as literature is full of romeo and juliet stories since forever, but does that happen to everyone? No, and there are many such of them depicted through this story.
It ofcourse is a story of a couple, met each other in college, fall in low, parents displeased so start living in. The girl too much for the love of her life leaves her ambition behind and becomes the man of the house as the guy is more off to realize his dream of being a painter. She believes in his passion but is put off by his carelessness as the reality starts biting. Money, life, fun etc. starts becoming important problems as the man just fails to realize. Just the day she tries her last of multiple uncountable tries to get his carrier set, he meets with an accident and looses sight. Now the option of leaving him ends, and life is bit by bitter realities of daily needs. She does everything for him, even gives up herself in every way as he tries to paint without sight. The problem happens when he discovers in his first successful auction of life, all done by her and their financial crisis finally ending that all his paintings were nothing but BLUE.  He never understands that it was the financial crisis that made her do so. Can such a man be ever loved? Will he change? What happens next? Read it!
A good realistic story! Well written and crisp.

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