Monday, August 20, 2012

Post 4: Book Review 3: The Story That Must Not Be Told by Kavery Nambisan

The Story That Must Not Be Told ....the title itself urges one to grab the book, i did grab it because of that and once i started i culdn't put it down. The reason was simple a very real story, one can relate to it, characters well defined and flow is smooth. 

It is a story of a slum in Mumbai adjacent to a rich locality. The story revolves around lives of characters and how the two totally different worlds are co-dependent and influence the lives of each other. The pleasantness gets disrupted as always but some who being too rich want the slum removed. It shows a blend of human categories as there are people who support the existence of the same , realizing how their lives were interdependent and thus the conflict drives the story on....

On the other side the life of people in slum with its own characteristics is portrayed. Read it to get a feel of India that lives in slums. The end is portrayed beautifully with a little flavour of disappointment but at the same time emphasizing a spirit "No matter what life goes on."

About the Author: Kaveri Nambisan is a novelist. She is also a surgeon who practices in rural India. Her career in medicine has been a strong influence in her fiction.

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