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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post 10: Book Review 8: I loved A Street Woman by Nitin Vinay Khare

First of all i thank the author personally delivering the copy. I personally believe that cover page is one of the most crucial part of any book and this one did  make me pick it up.

The Theme : The story in is about Captain Aviral and his search for true love after multiple setbacks first in life and then in love. When he finds his true love in the dark, abandoned streets will he be able to accept it himself???

The Story: Truly as i said the cover makes you just grab it and read, so i started the very day i received it. The story takes you places beginning from the battle field where Captain Aviral is shot but survives. As battle brings one on the border, the border of life and death, the battle is won both ways but with a price, his leg! He is a lively character and having seen death so closely he cheerfully begins again, as his childhood friend and secret love Yashika is on his side. He sets up a travel business in which she is by his side all the time and once that is smooth one day finally proposes her. They get intimate and confess about their love, however luck is again not on his side! The very same day he discovers from her laptop left in his office, her chat with a man which shows they shared an intimate relationship and Yashika considered Aviral "not fit" as a life partner. She chooses someone physically fit and economically settled.  He never questions her when she lies that it was her parents decision not hers, just lets her go. Aviral surely is hit hard and gets himself busy with work and alcohol. The author now dwells into beautiful explaination of how dynamics of a relationship work in the modern world. Next he beautifully prepares a ground for the next part of story to begin as a words of wisdom from his trainer in the army life.

So Aviral is now in his business routine and one day a mysterious woman "Umrao" enters his office as a customer. The fact that being a Muslim she specifically chooses the Hindu pilgrimage destinations confuses him and gets him more interested into knowing her. As curiosity takes over him, he decides to be her driver for the journey planned and they set out. The most beautiful part of the story thus begins. The book takes you across Agra, Allahad, Haridwar, Hrishikesh and Delhi. Umrao is a cheerful, full of life and spontaneous character, with a deep knowledge of History and Religion (both Hinduism and Islam). She beautifully explains the significance of each place they visit which makes the reading more interesting. Their love grows along with their journey as she finally manages to break the walls he had set for himself. They get intimate and he acknowledges that he had fallen inlove again. But till this point she is a mystery to the reader. When the journey ends he finds out that she belongs a brothel.......Will he really acknowledge his love in the light of this information or think otherwise? Why was she so mysterious afterall? Will finally love come to him? To know that grab a copy!

The Review: 
 Positive Points:  Well written, good background and reader does enjoy the journey and is kept guessing till the end " Who Umrao Is?" I also loved the authors analysis on life and understanding dynamics of relationships in the 21st century, he is perfectly right there! The fact that he prepares a ground about human mindset right in the beginning towards issues like prostitution as a lesson from "the experienced" in Avirals past life is excellent. 

Negative Points:  The exit of Yashika could have been more defined. The places they travel to could have been explained in better detail with reference of small place. The mystery of Umrao should have unfolded step by step. Its difficult to accept an army man not knowing who he is in love with. That would have brought the character of Aviral to be more balanced then confused.

Final Statement: Worth a read, grab your copy today!

About The Author: Nitin Vinay Khare belongs to a beautiful sleepy town of Panna, nearby world heritage site Khajuraho,famous for its tiger reserve, waterfalls and diamond mines. A Sainik School alumnus and a post graduate in management, he prefers to live an anonymous and nomadic life in search of creative inspirations for his stories, poetry and paintings. He regularly pens down his blogs upon vibrant social issues. He also runs a mural studio De Murals. Past several years, he has been writing series of novels; the first published work of them is I loved a street woman.

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